Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Blood Dragon

Available for: PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Version tested: PC

Price: £11.99 (Steam)

This game was made for people like me, probably made by people like me. People who grew up during the 80’s and 90’s when everything was neon light and good guys were able to mow down entire armies without barely receiving a scratch themselves.

Blood Dragon

From the opening helicopter run (with excellent backing track) to the finale and everything in between this is a game that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear, laughing when you see a movie nod, cringing during the 8-bit sex scene and downright WTF’ing when you first come across the titles name sake; the giant laser-shooting eyes Blood Dragons. These monstrosities can be found all over the island and generally don’t like anybody, which can be used to your advantage if you find one roaming near an enemy stronghold, just be ready to get into a fight when the Dragon finishes it’s dinner.

Blood Dragon

Granted, you cannot tailor the protagonist, a Mark IV Cyber Commando by the name of Sergeant Rex Power Colt to your liking, instead the game employs a ranking system which automatically levels you up, giving a selection of stealth take-downs, health bars and the like. This simplified level system may not be to everyone’s taste but I found it streamlined the gameplay which allowed me to focus on the fun stuff.

As you can imagine, being a throwback to the 80’s the weapons you start off with, 5 in total, all take their queues from films but are all familiar fair when it comes to FPS, the pistol, the assault rifle, the sniper rifle, a shotgun and a bow however, there the similarities stop as these can be upgraded throughout the game to become more powerful versions, for example, upgrade the sniper rifle and you stop firing bullets to firing explosives and a particularly excellent upgrade for the assault rifle sees it going from standard fair to a laser shooting death machine. However, the one and only weapon you need comes half way through the game when you pick up a mini-gun, this turns the tables in fights as you can pretty much turn enemies, helicopters and dragons to mulch with ease.

Blood Dragon

The developers clearly had one thought in mind when dreaming up this project, fun, and it is to a certain extent. The cheese filled one liners start to grate as you play through and the beautiful world Ubisoft Montreal created for Far Cry 3 is dulled down to give it it’s visual style which is striking yet gets a bit “samey” when you enter the 13 garrisons this world asks you to liberate but when you’re having this much fun it is easy to overlook.

All in all, this £12 game is a bargain and is easily one of my favourite games I have played this year so far and for that price, it is hard not to recommend it.

Game purchased by reviewer

New Score 4.5Ryan Burchett

(Southeast Jedi)



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