Crysis 3

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Version Tested: PC

Game £15 (sale)

Cloak engaged.

Crouched down, cloak activated, weapons silenced. Watching, waiting, planning. Welcome to Crysis 3, an FPS stealth/action “sandbox” and I use the term loosely as it seems that playing through, you’re given the space to go exploring but never the inclination. Your waypoints are always visible and when the game does give you secondary objectives they turn out to be fetch quests. “oh, some intel is over there, go get it”…yawn.Crysis review 1

Set 24 years after the events of Crysis 2, New York has been taken over by CELL and a huge dome has been erected over the city, making it a city sized greenhouse where nature has taken it’s revenge and created an urban rainforest, and it is beautiful to behold.

Crysis review 2You play as Prophet, a super soldier encased in a set of reverse engineered alien armour called a nanosuit. This suit gives you the ability to become a hardened tank, taking and dealing damage or become invisible, moving stealthily past your enemies like a ghost. Your main objective is revenge, pure and simple, along for the ride is an old friend from the original Crysis, Michael “Psycho” Sykes out to get the truth and the people behind his “skinning”, when Cell removed him from his Nanosuit.

Gameplay consists of both large and small scale battles, which can be played out by either going with a full frontal assault or stealthily avoiding enemies to get to your objective. Combat, as you can imagine is hectic and fast paced requiring you to top up your ammo using the ammo dumps found around almost every corner. Bullets, grenades, rocket launchers are in no short supply and even ammo for one of your new toys, which comes in the form of a combat bow, you can only carry a few arrows for this but you are able to retrieve these from your fallen foes. Another major plus using the bow is that you can remain clocked whilst firing allowing you to become the ultimate stealth hunter.

Crysis review 4

The AI, can be both smart, moving in groups and attempting to flank you or completely useless like when they’re attempting to run through a brick wall. Although they still make the game fun by panicking more and more as their friends start to fall to your arrows.

Needless to say, Crysis 3 looks absolutely stunning. Using the GeForce Experience to provide optimum settings (which I’ll provide in screenshots) I am able to play with a mixture of Medium, High and Very High settings and run at a nigh on constant 60fps which provides silky smooth gameplay.

Crysis Graphics settings

Overall then, solid gameplay, a story which is a deeper and more personal fare then the previous game and environments that are simply jaw dropping make this an easy recommendation.

New Score 4

Ryan Burchett

(Southeast Jedi)

SouthEast Jedi



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