Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


Version Tested: PC

Price: £11.99 Steam

Developed by Starbreeze Studios in collaboration with Swedish award winning film director Josef Fares, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons tells the story of two brothers on a quest to save their fathers life.


2013-09-10_00004Billed as a single player co-op game, it starts off by showing you that your father is dying, the two brothers are then given a quest by the village doctor who asks you to follow a map to find something that can cure your father. Using the controllers right and left analogue and triggers (KB/M is supported but definitely not recommended) to control the two brothers you set off in search of this cure, along the way you will need to solve puzzles and navigate platforms, not a problem when only controlling one person on screen but made that much more trickier when you have both brothers on either side of a chasm and you need to remember which stick controls which brother, a momentary lapse of concentration and it’s back to the checkpoint.

Not only is Brothers is a visually stunning game, from wide open terrain with mountain view backdrops to spooky graveyards and an underground cavern the level design is breathtaking, during one segment which had me controlling the brothers whilst they take a trip on a hand glider had me grinning from ear to ear but it is also packed to the brim with details that on first play through you will miss. One thing I had a lot of fun with is seeing how the different NPC’s interacted with the two brothers, for example, whilst the older brother can have conversations with NPC’s the younger brother will usually tease them. You will also meet people and animals along the way which need help, one such segment after completion made me pause the game for a few minutes just so I could catch my breath.


This game gets a lot right and one of the major plus points is how well and how quickly you get emotionally invested in the two brothers and their quest, using no discernible dialogue, it would be easy to not get invested but this is done so well you only need to have a basic understanding of body language to be able to read both brothers and the NPC’s you come across.

Unfortunately, this journey is a little too short, roughly 2.5-3 hours before the quest is over but this is a game that will live with you for far longer.

Easily one of the best “indie” titles on the market and well deserving of the praise it is receiving.

New Score 4.5

Ryan Burchett

(SouthEast Jedi)

SouthEast Jedi


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