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In this section we will be reviewing games and other products on all platforms. These will be all kinds of games and products, both old and new so check back regularly for new reviews. Suggestions for game reviews can  be sent to me at the email or twitter account.

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1/5 – It’s so bad, it isn’t even funny anymore. The game has fundamental flaws that make you cry. Honestly this game shouldn’t have even made to the release.

2/5 – You might find some joy out if it.  The game has it’s moments, but unfortunately the bad outweigh highly the good which in this case puts this into the bargain pin.

3/5 – Overall solid performance. The game is good, with some problems, but it’s well-executed.

4/5 – A game polished to the max with only a couple of small flaws that don’t ruin the game, but can cause minor annoyance.

5/5 – A milestone for gaming. Everything about the game might not be perfect, but the things it does well, it exceed in them, which makes for an instant buy.


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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