ExtraLife 2013 Charity Event Liverpool


This year we are going all out to raise as much money for the Children’s Miracle Network as possible.

One such way of raising money will be via an event we will be by hosting an ExtraLife event in Liverpool city centre, UK. We will be hosting a 24 hour gaming event at A&J’s gaming café on the 2nd November. We will be hosting this event along with the fantastic team there to bring you the best event we possibly can and to raise every penny we possibly can. The support from the gaming community will be what turns this event into a roaring success. ex1

What have we got planned?

Well that’s a good question and one we hope to blow you away with the answer.

The Gaming marathon will start at 10am on Saturday and continue till 10am on Sunday

(if you can’t make it then you can donate by clicking on this link)

We will be hosting a whole host of different challenges and competitions throughout the event which will include some gaming tournaments for all you gaming fans. So far the proposed list of activities are listed below but more will be added. If you have any suggestions please let us know and we will do our best to include them.

EXL Assassins Creed

Just how good an assassin are you? well lets find out. How many targets can you take out in the time limit. Top scores count.

(Prize donated by Ubisoft + Wall mounted trophy in A&J’s with your photo and name to show your dominance)

EXL Black Ops 2

10pm Onwards. 4 player free for all matches. Top 4 players go head to head to decide overall winner.

(Prize – New Call of Duty Ghosts T Shirt & Black Ops 2 poster + Wall mounted trophy in A&J’s with your photo and name to show your dominance)

EXL Halo Tournament banner

12 noon onwards

Further details of the tournament to follow.  Top 4 players go head to head to decide overall winner.

(Prize – Donated by Replay Events – Halo 4 limited edition collectors boxset + Halo 4 soundtracks)

EXL Zombies

12:00 Midnight. 4 player co-op on different zombie maps. Kills = 1 point, headshots = 2 points. Leaderboards for high scores. Winners announced at end of the event plus on website, podcast and score sheet in A&J’s.

(Wall mounted trophy in A&J’s with your photo and name to show your dominance)

EXL Mariokart 64

– Sign up. 4 player free for all matches. Top 4 players go head to head to decide overall winner.

EXL Goldeneye

– The true classic shooter on the only console it should be played on. The truly exceptional Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 for some 4 player gaming magic. This one will be sure to bring in the fans.

(Wall mounted trophy in A&J’s with your photo and name to show your dominance)

EXL Sonic

– One for the true speedsters out there. Just who can have the fasted speed runs though the levels. Just who will be crowned the Spikey Speed King?

EXL Zen Pinball

– Chosen table is World War Hulk. 2pm – 6pm. Post your highest scores. Top 2 scorers will then go head to head on the big screen to determine pinball wizard winner.

(Prize game codes donated by Zen Pinball)

EXL Gran Turismo

10am – 4pm. JoypadAndMe special ‘Race From Hell’ track. Pick any car (No Redbull, No Formula 1) and post your fastest lap time. Winner will be announced on the website and on the podcast as well as a final leaderboard posted in A&J’s.

EXL Peggle9am – 11am Sunday. Every good video game event has to end with a round of the craziness that is Peggle. Perfect for the sleep deprived minds that have just managed to pull off 24 hours of gaming. This will be the climax to the Marathon event so why not join in and see if you can become the Peggle King or Queen.

+ Retro & Current Gen Gaming Galore

EXL Replay events EXL play blackpoolThe amazing guys from Replay Events are also helping to support the event and in doing so, helping to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Craig otherwise known on twitter as @Retr0Gen will also be down to host some competitions and tournaments for you all to enjoy. They have also donated some amazing prizes including the prizes for the Halo tournament featured above and 4 pairs of tickets to their Replay Event in Blackpool on 3-4 May 2014!

website: www.ReplayEvents.com Twitter: @ReplayEvents

MicroMachines Cross Console Tournament

2pm – 4pm Tournament run across PlayStation 1, Xbox & The final held on the classic Sega Mega Drive!

PacMan Score Chase Challenge

12 noon – 4pm Come along at any point during the event and set your highest score. Winners will be announced at the end of the event and contacted.

Come down and relive your youth or show the younger generation what ‘real’ computer games used to be like.

Terms and conditions for all competitions and tournaments apply. All competitions and challenges are subject to change. Some challenges & Tournaments may be age restrictive. Staff decisions are final.

There will also be a whole host of other titles from many different consoles to get your hands on and play. Games for all ages and all interests so please come down and try a few out and get to grips with some great games from different generations. We will be hosting smaller challenges for all comers to take part in From retro to current gen, your gaming tastes will be more than catered for.

Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-2We also have one fellow gamer going above and beyond for the ExtraLife cause. Mathew Crosby (twitter @Mathew_Crosby) will be sitting down at 10am and challenging himself to a ‘Road To Prestige’ challenge which will involve playing Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 for the whole event! 24 hours (actually 25 hours but don’t tell him that yet hehe) of solid first person shooter action. He will be live streaming his amazing efforts on our twitch tv channel  (details to follow shortly) for you all to check out during the event for those that can’t make it down to join us. Mathew has also joined our JoypadAndMe ExtraLife team to help with the fund raising efforts so please support both him and us as a team to raise as much as possible. We want to thank Mathew for offering to join in and help out with our event and add an extra level of dedication to the cause. All of us at JoypadAndMe and the team from A&J’s wish you the best of luck.

How far do you think Mathew can get in 24 hours?

(if you can’t make it then you can donate by clicking on this link)


The Best Location In Liverpool!

As A&J’s is an amazing venue you can also expect fantastic food to keep you fully fuelled to last the whole event or as long as you can stay (They are fully stocked with energy drinks too!). Pop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or why not settle in for the full 24 hour event and sample a wide range from their great, gaming inspired menu that’s sure to keep you coming back for more.

A&J’s is located at: 4 South Hunter Street, Liverpool City Centre, UK. L1 9JG.

If you have any difficulties then check out the helpful links below or contact us at the website before the event for more personal directions.

(if you can’t make it then you can donate by clicking on this link)

A&J's 1


Thanks to the amazing generosity of so many people in the gaming industry we will be able to offer you all the chance to get hold of some amazing goodies. During the event we will be holding a silent auction and a raffle for some great pieces of gaming merchandise. As we get more in we will post details so keep checking back here for more details.

Some of what we have to offer so far are:

Retro Gameboy Colour

Retro Gameboy SP

Various Nintendo DS Games

Various PlayStation 3 Games

Game Codes For Various Systems

Dark Souls 2 T shirts

Genki Gear T shirts

Replay Events T shirts

Ubisoft Goodies (details soon)

More prizes supplied by Replay Events to be announced soon.

We have some other great prizes due in soon as well but we want to wait to confirm them before we announce to you all.

We will also be holding a raffle for many other prizes so there will be a great chance for many of you to come away with some great prizes. All ticket money will of course go the charity. We are able to do this because of the massive generosity from so many people who we will thank during and after the event.

Lets Not Forget The Reason Why

ExtraLife TeamExtraLife TeamGaming for 24 hours is great fun but lets not forget why we are doing this. We want to raise money for a charity that works tirelessly to help kids with cancer. This is something that is so important to both the children as well as the families involved and the medical team that are involved. Every penny counts so we want everyone to please donate as much as you can spare. If you want to raise money yourselves to add to the cause then please do. The more help we can get the better the results and that is what counts. Lets show just how caring and passionate gamers can be when it comes to making a difference. Donations can be given to any of the staff or via a donation box at the counter. Leave your name and we will give a shout out on the website and the podcast to all donators.

(if you can’t make it then you can donate by clicking on this link)



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