Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Tearaway Presentation

Media Molecule – Tearaway

3834_Tearaway Logo with_texture

Showing off their first game since LittleBigPlanet 2 and their first offical game on PSVita. Another entirely new IP that could be a true showcase of the PSVita’s functionality, using both cameras, tilt, front & rear touch, as well as conventional inputs.

What I Thought: The art styling of paper craft reminds me of paper engineering at secondary school many moons ago, finding out the game engine is a giant collection of virtual paper was mindblowing. I’d heard mixed opinions from various people who’d played early demos but this has made me excited for it again. Mainly due to the Developer’s being so enthusiastic about their work, the customisation of the main character looks brilliant. The use of the cross world system of game to reality and visa versa is a bold and beautiful idea.


Connor McKervey (VDJOMB)

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