Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Guerilla Games

4029__bmUploads_2013-02-21_1465_Killzone_Shadow Fall_Original_Logo_TM_Black

I’ve enjoyed the previous Killzone games if they have seemed lacking a real range of colours, now this PS4 launch title looks to be changing this.

What I thought: Talking about multiplayer starting about changing the class system and reducing them to 3 main Scout, Assault & Support. Showing a Multiplayer trailer I’ve seen before. Really impressed that all weapons & perks are open from the beginning, no more grinding for guns. Xp challenge based system, 1500 challenges that open attachments for each weapon, when complated. Also the User Generated Battlezones seems an interesting twist on UGC, rewarding innovation.
Warzones UGC promoted by GG with credit to creators. 10 maps to start with all maps packs DLC free. Season pass online €20 expansion & coop online & expanded map packs. Easier weapon balancing due to server side patches not downloadable game patches.


Connor McKervey (VDJOMB)

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