Eurogamer Expo 2013 FuturLab Presentation

From PSMini to PS4 in 12 months: Velocity2X


I’m a self confessed fanboy of FuturLab and their excellent games, which will come as no surprise to readers or listeners on this site. I had seen from Twitter that the staff were preparing for this presentation on the evolution of Velocity from a tiny acorn in to a massive oak tree. Was it any good?

What I Thought: Wowza, so much shown in here. Discussion of level design and how new skills are introduced to the player over a gentle curve, which I’ve felt when playing Velocity Ultra on PSVita. I loved seeing the alpha footage of Velocity 2X especially the new platforming sections, and the insight given in to the transferring of control mechanics between the two different gameplay styles. This game makes me wish I’d been at Eurogamer this year, 2014 can’t come soon enough, this is my number one reason for buying a PS4.


Twitter: @futurlab

Connor McKervey (VDJOMB)


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