Sony Press Conference E3 2014 [Not So] Live Blog

Sadly again this year I wasn’t able to stay up to 2am BST to watch the event live so instead I booted up on my PS4 and watched the event this is my opinions of the sights and sounds as I saw them.

So a swirly blue background featuring iconic PlayStation buttons with the words “STAY TUNED PLAYSTATION E3 2014 PRESS CONFERENCE” After nearly 6 mins of music and introduction.  With way too many games in it but I spotted Driveclub, Batman: Arkham Knight,  Destiny, Transistor,  Oddworld New N Tasty and a few I didn’t recognise. Oh no it’s not straight in to the conference I should have guessed from last year I’m greeted by Anthony & Meredith talking up the event with interviews with devs but the sound quality is all over the shop. I’ll skip ahead to 23 mins

Lots of blue and flashy lights and now black and sub-base. The Planet Mars Present day appears on screen as 3 astronauts in suits walk across the orange sands, up to a giant orb. “We called it The Traveller and its arrival changed us forever” lots of planets wizz past as a narrator continues. Now saying about a darkness “And that was the end of everything” Now some kind of cube is talking and it’s starting to look very 1st person shooter. Speeder bikes, running and gunning, biotic style powers, disappearing space ships, giant spiders. Bungies Destiny

Andrew House (President and Group CEO SCE Inc) welcomed , woops from crowd.  Talks about introducing PS4 last year. “PlayStation above all else is the best place to play. And we know what best means. It means connected…highest visual quailty…choice…member of an extensive community of rivals and friends”. Destiny embodies this. Playable first on PlayStation, Beta 17th July,  can’t wait well PS4 has a 3 day 1st look Alpha here.  I hope it’s not too big otherwise it’ll be over before my rubbish ISP has Downloaded it.

PS4_GW_3D_Destiny_month 090614_1402370260

1st and better A white PS4 that comes with an exclusive Destiny bundle with controller, game and 1 months PS+ on 9th September. “Destiny is just the tip of the iceberg in looking at all the PS4 games we’ll show tonight….”

“Let’s take a look at another new IP that will only be available on PlayStation 4” Dark screen dripping water, 3rd person view over the shoulder,  looks like a medical lab, using a lantern, guy sounds like Sean Bean!? I’m guessing this is The Order 1886.


Finds something human looking eating a body, the creature then shifts and starts to look very werewolf like, starts chasing as his pistols drawn, starts firing shots.  Reticle in centre of screen and weapon and ammo count in bottom right. This looks lovely but feels a little pre-rendered. Wolfman knocks the characters pistol out of his hand pins him to a wall as he calls him a swine, then tosses him across the corridor. Laid down wounded unable to reach his pistol a Triangle QTE appears and he swigs from a vile around his neck. Picking himself up he stumbles over to his rifle, under a fallen bookcase and wolfman leaps about, drops to the ground and snicks for him, touches the pool of blood and sniffs it. “I can smell you human”. Character draws the rifle and starts letting rip, as the beasty attacks cut to black, revealing I’d guessed correctly.

Now the screens all orange and yellow as a blue bird and now an orange fish swoop made up of shapes swoop about. Could this be ThatGameCompanys next release. I hope so.Bird_Fish_1402364702


Very plinky plonky music, revealing a title Entwined.


Audio and video skips revealing a bloke taking about Pixel Opus, a small team of grads from 2 gaming programs.

Entwined_Screen_1_1402364674On screen it appears to be a never ending tunnel a la Rez / Children of Eden.  Lots of flashy colours “about 2 souls who are in love but can’t be together” Dual stick controls which cause you to merge into a dragon and create visual sculpture. I shit you not.

Now Scott Rhode Senior VP Sony Worldwide Studios SCEA – He loves Entwined and tells us in in the PSN Store now for $9.99 on PS4, with PS3 & PSVita to follow as part of our Cross-Buy program. Also plugs PS App for ordering it now to be ready for when you get home.

Now he’s revealed new DLC for inFamous Second Son that doesn’t require you to own the game but you get exclusive content if you do. Now show a trailer featuring the lass you get Neon from.

FirstLight_Fetch_Keyart_1402365022So it’s an origin story for Fetch, starting in a DUP facility, then lots of flashy neonness, coming August 2014 inFamous: First Light.

Logo_LBP3_1402365126Now appears a massive banner for LittleBigPlanet 3, with 4 people presenting a live playthrough introduced by Pete Smith of Sumo Digital. Wow looks lovely more depth very Rayman Originsesque, new power up Pumpinator, new friend LBP3-E3screen006_1402365235 Odd Sock – fast & wall jump (which looks trickier than it should be)

LBP3-E3screen007_1402365237Toggle is strong and can push heavy blocks and can change from big to small, allowing access to different areas and Big to trigger buttons

LBP3-E3screen008_1402365240Swoop can fly. Sounds like one of the mics has died as I can bearly hear the play though commentary. Looks nice and fun, coop play, with dying on stage given a new meaning.After the very brave live demo a teaser for LBP3, count me in, coming November.


Shuhi Yoshida President of Sony Worldwide Studios SCE Inc on stage yeah for @yosp. Saying 8.7 million levels created and shared in LBP & LBP2, which will all be playable on LBP3 with improved graphics. Ok Shu so what’s happened to LBP Hub revealed last year?

He says he’s honoured to be showing off BB_LOGO_TM_1_1402364206new IP Bloodborne by From Software. ss02_1402364352Very gothic and grim opening. ss06_1402364358 people with torches ss08_1402364361 a zombie dog ss04_1402364355and a bloke with a retractable scythe Coming 2015.

Now Far Cry 4 presented by Alex Hutchinson it’s Creative Director at Ubisoft. Crikey that looks incredible from 1st person I  Kyvat in the Himalayas,  perilous log crossing, grabs a wingsuit and grapple, climbs, convoy available to destroy, crossbows one enemy, C4 on a red barrel, hoofs it and an enemy, boom, shoots, then nabs a TukTuk, destroys a buggy by sending it over a cliff, pulls along side a lorry leaps a one soldier drags him out then stabs the driver in the throat and takes over driving. Wow! Landslide ahead, lorry falls off cliff, leaps out and deploys wing suit, this is some James Bond shit right here flying in to a picture postcard scene near a fortress,  deploys parachute, lands and draws silenced pistol, as hefalumps graze just ahead. Calls in back up as a Hurk Player 2 joins on a gyrocopter. Using LMG to wreak hot lead death from above, lands then continues to shoot as revealed is Player2 flying around dropping explosive shells from a thumper. That looks so damn good.

Adam Boyes VP Publisher & Developer Relations SCEAThis November when you buy Far Cry 4 on PS3 or PS4 you can invite your PSN friends to join you even if they don’t own the game.” WTF!!!! “And you’ll only be able to do that on PlayStation.”

Talking about social media, Reddit and Neogaff talking about letters and zombies. Deep Silver guy prepping for a run, covering what looks like a lesion on his right wrist, fires up MP3 player, starts running, the world is going to zombie hell behind him and he’s oblivious.  Now he appears to be decaying as a large lump of flesh falls to the ground, the character is  now joined by loads of lumbering undead as a van ups up and lops his head off, guy jumps out an nicks his trainers sounding like Jack Black!?. Dead Island 2 revealed. CGI trailer then with a great soundtrack.

The Last of Us is coming to PS4 shocker, but now there’s gonna be clickers, bloaters and stalkers in an exclusive themed dungeon in Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition launching 19th August.

More letters saying about exclusives “Dead Island 2 will have a 30 exclusive beta, as well as a character class and level only on PS4…. Earlier today we were part of an exclusive EA announcement for Battlefield: Hardline, it’s available right now exclusively for consoles on PS4…Cops & Robbers fantasy taken to a whole new level” Exclusive new trailer. Looks like Payday by Starbreeze to extreme.

Partnership with Disney to bring The Avengers to Disney Infinity collectors edition for PS3/4.

“More of Destiny on PlayStation on launch day you’re gonna get an incredible amount of exclusive in game content, from unique weapons, armour sets, gear, kick ass ships, as well as Exodus an exclusive competitive Multiplayer map. And the best part an entire exclusive Strike on Mars…coop adventures”

New partnership with Paradox Interactive – weird guy in a red outfit reminiscent of Big Train’s Ming the Merciless at home skits. Magika 2 Learn to spell again, isometric wizards shooter.

Now a young child talking about Tim Shafer’s games only to be revealed its the man himself. Lolz Double Fine and third party remastering Grim Fandango (what now?!) coming exclusively to PS4 & PSVita.

Devolver Digital and Fort Parker bringing games exclusively to debut on PlayStation platforms: Broforce pixel jumpy shootiness; Titan Souls top down pixel adventure; Not A Hero by Roll7 who made OlliOlli looks like a crazy Jon Woo movie in pixels; Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number all the gory goodness of the first game looks like it got better with dual wield; Croteam presents something first person looking like a Portal rip off but not necessarily in a bad way called The Talos Principle.

Oh dear he’s making bro jokes, please stop.

Another letter about original content and he’s revealed Suda51‘s next game only coming to PS4 – Green screen with the words Death cancels everything, on it fade to red except the truth. Bloke in his pants and a gas mask wandering in slow mo up a corridor, slow mo fight with what look like health bars, not sure if this is video, CGI but certainly don’t think it’s actual gameplay. Ok but this bit is as it looks no where near as good, gory beat ’em up, who’d have thunk it. More CGI then the title Let it Die as a Skateboarding death rolls on screen. Coming 2015.

Adam’s back talking about Matt Nova‘s Journey and his new studio called Giant Squid. Love the Yellow on blue logo. Black backgroung white writing AB • : Water then trans to •ZÛ: To Know. Now the ocean and fishes, moody choral singing and a diver. Looks very Journeyesque Title ABZÛ. Looks very intriguing. Exclusive console debut on PS4.

Adam now reveals gaming coming to PlayStation on a massive screen with devotion in the centre I can make out the following titles on left side:  Rays of the Dead; Flyhunter (something); Absomething; ???; Escape Goat 2; Aztek Something; Project Cars; Switch Galaxy Ultra; Something Drifter; The Swapper; Rogue Legacy; OlliOlli; Splice; Axiom Verge; Race The Sun; One Way Trip; Futuridium; Isaac something; Something; The Golf Club; Reaper Something; n++; Pavilion; Something

Bottom Left: Oddworld New N Tasty; Something; Something;

Bottom Centre: Galak-z; Spelunky; Mech Runner; Something; GunshipX; Velocity2x; Gravity Crash Ultra

Right: CastleStorm; ToLeave; Nuclear Throne; Joe Danger; Something; nidhogg?; Chasm; Secret Ponchos;  Night in the woods; Home something; Ironclad Tactics; PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate; Something;  Guacamelee; Tesomething; Something;  Something

Bottom right: My Singing Monsters; Assault Android Cactus; Super Exploding Zoo

Christ that’s a lot of logos, wish Adam had named them all. Can you one else name the ones I’m missing.

Thanks all the fans and requests feedback. One last console debut on PS4

Screen is some kind of neon cave emerging to vegetation on screen reads UPLOADING … Oria V Caves Discovered by Hello Games – Sean. So I’m guessing this is No Mans Sky then!? First person wandering what looks like a high resolution version of Proteus, trees, butterflies,  and spaceships fly over, weird shimmering goat runs off. Top right is some kind of hud. Wow, now enormous dinosaurs, oooo. New Species discovered.  Walks past a jet as a giant rhino creature destroys the forest, runs back to jet and jumps in, canopy down and it’s flying, seamlessly. Soaring higher through the atmosphere and into space. Ok my jaw is now on the floor. This is amazing, and entering another plant barrels rolling and shooting. Revealing title No Man’s Sky. Wow, that’s the best thing I’ve seen and it’s from a British Indie  Dev Hello Games, hats off that looks superb. Sean Murray Founder of Hello Games on stage “Feeling a lot of emotions right now… Procedural universe it’s infinite and one everyone can share…No two people will have the same experience” More incredible footage, can’t believe this is from an indie dev.

A “mind slightly blown”Andrew House is back talking PS4 hardware, “A key peripheral that we’ve offered to PS4 gamers since launch as a choice [wink] is the PlayStation Camera” Yup he’s just taken a dig a MS. Laughs appause. Response for PS4 Camera exceeded expectation. project_morpheus_1395213675Woops as Project Morpheus Appears on screen, phenomenal response from developers gamers. Four demos playable at E3 Jurassic Encounter; Eve Valkyrie; Street Luge; Something

Now introducing Jack Tretton‘s replacement Shawn Layden President and CEO SCEA, feeling honoured excited and pressured.

Talking PSN in a new font PS4 font, ShareFactory and Photo mode in InFamous Second Son, now giving numbers Nearly 95% of PS4’s world are connected to the network…more than 1.25 billion hours have been played online…more than 1 billion multiplayer sessions have been played on PS4 since launch…the Share Button on DS4 has been pressed 220 million times.” Bringing YouTube to PS4 later this year upload share button. “More than 150 million spectate sessions have been viewed on PS4”

THE PLAYROOM logo_1402427498 SET MAKER 01_1402427519 SET MAKER 02 - UK_1402427520“…New free PlayRoom custom broadcasting sets.”

“…Best destination for Free to play…more that 25 free to play games coming to PS4 in the next 12 months. Including Kingdom Under Fire 2 from Blueside; Planetside 2 from SOE; Guns Up from Valkyrie Entertainment.” Free to play video loads of MMO action and PSVita games.

Back and talking PS Now open beta on PS4 starting 31st July, shortly after that become available on PS3 & PSVita. Later this year bringing it to select Sony TV’s via DualShock3. More than 100 games at start. Testing rental durations and prices. Committed to PSVita via PS Now, PS4 intergration via Remote Play, showcasing it as the ultimate mobile platform. Over 100 PSVita titles in development including Tales of Hearts R from Namco; Ubisoft’s Child of Light; Tales from Boarderlands; Minecraft is full console experience with coop included. “A key pillar. “

PSTV_Black_AngleB_1402366979 PSTV_Black_Holding_1402366981 PSTV_Black_RearPers_1402366981Stream has skipped but PSVita TV in background now called PlayStation TV. Disney Infinity 2 coming to PSVita & PSTV early next year. In total that’s nearly 1000 games that PSTV owners will have access to at launch… $99 Dollars solus or $139 bundle with DS3, 8GB Memory card, HDMI cable & Lego The movie  video game digital Voucher.

Applauds Vib Ribbon. “…It’s all about the games isn’t it!”

Talking localising for Japan Mortal Kombat on PS1 with gameplay video of Mortal Kombat X looking very nice, still OTT, gory and quick, with fatality montage at the end.

Andrew House again talking entertainment video skip talking about Powers a comicbook. Now co creator Brian Michael Bendice on saying it’s been greenlit for 2 series. Homicide detectivies investigating Superpowered homicides. Interesting concept with some heavy hitters involved. Andrew again which is going to be free episode 1 in USA I  December, entire Powers series free with PS+ in USA.

Ratchet and Clank The Movie trailer, looks terrific, Andrew back saying there’s going to be a reboot of first game for PS4. New visuals and sequences both in 1st half of 2015.

The Last of Us Remastered trailer for PS4 containing way too many spoilers, tut tut. Looks even better than PS3 version and includes all the Multiplayer and Single player game.

Now a new trailer that some of you might have got a sneak peek of last night Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain, directed and edited by Hideo Kojima music by Mike Oldfield. Go and watch it I’m not gonna describe it here as there’s way too much going on. Snake starts of by doing his best Kratos impression which made me laugh. It really looks insanely good and has lots of knives and CQC.

Andrew again revealing Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 looking smoother than on PS3 coming Fall 2014. Enhancements and new details to discover.  PS3 & Xbox360 online characters can be transferring to PS4.

Now mentioning Rocksteady so this must be Batman: Arkham Knight starting with Batman’s armour, then in game taking I  the view,  jumping from a very high building gliding around, landing racing around in Batmobile, it transforming into a tank and destroying loads, getting ejected from it and gliding more, a quick punch up then cut to Penguin.  Looks like image is breaking up only to reveal The Arkham Knight or Scarecrow talking to the audience, very special.

Andrews back Just made a weird dig to do with more smoke than at the EA press conference !? Over my head that one. Exclusive Scarecrow nightmare missions only on PS4.

Thanks everyone and press conferences end with The Following trailer was captured directly from PlayStation 4. U4_keyart_final_layered4_1402365483 Oh my days it’s a reveal of Uncharted 4, looking amazing with a conversation going on between Nate and Sully about one last job. UNCHARTED 4 LOGO FINAL_1402365445The subtitle A Thief’s End 2015.

Finishing with a Sizzle trailer of tonnes of games.


Well done if you’ve read all of that, lots of info but I can’t help but feel that way too much isn’t actually coming out until 2015. Lots of CGI shown too but the game footage that was on display was generally incredible. I also feel that the PSVita hasn’t been supported as a standalone device but is being promoted as a companion to PS4 and PSNow. The renaming of PSVita TV to PlayStationTV was a real surprise to me but with no announcement of cheaper or bigger SD cards, but price of the system is good value. Project Morpheus Sony’s answer to Virtual Reality competition Oculus Rift owned by Facebook was only really given a side bar in the show and not given an actual name, price, release date or showing off any game footage.

I feel after last year Sony had a high standard to maintain and but I don’t feel they lived up to last years epic Press Conference. Something was missing and I can’t quite put my fingers on what.

 At a glace:

  1. Test games for big companies for free: Destiny (17/7/14); Battlefield: Hardline (current) and PlayStation Now (31/7/14).
  2. Destiny, Destiny, Destiny I dare not attempt content analysis on how much hype Sony are giving Bungie’s multi-platform game just in the press conference alone. Including a White PS4 & Controller in September.
  3. LBP3 on PS4 with new characters didn’t expect that but what about LBP HUB?
  4. Free To Play is here to stay.
  5. Sounds like Jack Black is a voice in Dead Island 2 with another trailer that sets the bar too high for visual fidelity.
  6. Lots of CGI used in trailers and a Ratchet and Clank film.
  7. Oh Hello, No Man’s Sky was one of my winners of all of E3. A strange stroll ’em up meets Elite in an infinite universe.
  8. PlayStation TV has a reasonable price if under $100 (£89 in UK) but can it save the PSVita?
  9. PlayStation Now can it become the Netflix of video games.  I’m sure our own Troy will be giving his impressions soon.
  10. PlayStation 3 is dead long live the PlayStation 4. There were a couple of Multi system releases but nothing mentioned exclusively for PS3.

You can watch the same feed I did via Youtube. All images subject to copyright of Sony Computer Entertainment, taken from the SCEE Press site.

 Connor McKervey (@vdjomb)

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for @vdjomb on Twitter

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for @vdjomb on Twitter




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