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This is your stop for all the information you need for video game events and expos. From the world events such as E3 and CES to the smaller local events such as Replay Events expo’s, we have it here ready for you to enjoy. Our team keep an eye on everything we can so we can bring you as much information as possible. Want to know what was announced at the Sony press event? we have it. Want to know what was on the show floor at Eurogamer expo, we have it. Click on the links below to see whats there.

EGX 2016 Birmingham NEC

a-personal-look-at-egx-2016-part-1-of-2A Personal Look At EGX 2016 Part 1

Another year and to our good fortune, another EGX event for us all to enjoy. Going to one of the UK’s biggest gaming events is always a highlight in my calendar. It would need to be in order for me to have to wake up at some ridiculous time of the morning and travel for hours on a less than perfect train with the intention of queuing up for 1-2 hours to play 5-10 mins of a game. Thankfully each and every year the EGX event has held up its end of the bargain and provided some great memories and opportunities to play some new and interesting games. So after travelling for upwards of 4 hours and starting off at what felt like the middle of the night, resisting the urge to swap my morning cup of tea for something in the RedBull family, I finally made it to Birmingham International station and then the walk around the endless corridors to the NEC event arena.

a-personal-look-at-egx-2016-part-2A Personal Look At EGX 2016 Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my personal look at the EGX event in Birmingham this year. A gaming extravaganza for fans, media, potential developers and anyone else you can think of to come down and take a look at the new and upcoming world class games along with some new and innovative indie titles that are trying to make their mark on the world. 5 years I’ve been going to the EGX event and in each year I find plenty to keep me busy and also find more than I thought I would when it comes to games that pique my interest. This year was no exception. I went to the event with a list of games I wanted to see and ended up being more surprised and interested in ones that I had no intention of seeing or in fact had even heard of!

egx-2016-personal-pleasure-predictionsEGX 2016 Personal Pleasure Predictions

Birmingham NEC arena hosts this years EGX gaming conference. Packed full of games, cosplayers, tabletop gaming and much, much more. A true visual feast for any gaming fan out there. Jedi Junkie will be making his yearly pilgimage to EGX to check out all the gaming goodness. Beforehand however he put pen to paper or rather finger to keyboard to talk about some of the games that he is looking forward to seeing and hopefully getting his hands on some gaming time with. Find out which ones he is interested in right here.

PlayStation 4 Slim & Pro Announcement 2016

Podcast Episode 90: Post PlayStation Presentation PerusalPost PlayStation Presentation Perusal Podcast

Welcome back to the latest episode of the JoypadAndMe podcast. A Gaming podcast where our hosts chat games, gaming and often go off onto some unique and varied tangents. In this episode our hosts, Graham, Connor and Gareth take their seats and grab their mics to discuss the most recent Sony PlayStation presentation. The team discuss the announcement of not one, but two new console variations along with what it means to gamers. Is the PlayStation Pro going to change gaming? Is 4K the future for PlayStation and more importantly, how long will it be before Connor makes a lewd comment or thought? After the main discussion the team also take a look at what was shown off at the Tokyo Games Show as well as what some of the team are looking forward to seeing at this years EGX show in Birmingham.

playstation-4-pro-announcement-keynote-speechKeynote Speech Video

Sony came out this week with a keynote speech that showed the gaming community the next evolution in video gaming. Sony announced two new consoles that will join the Playstation family. The Playstation 4 Slim, a smaller, lighter, redesigned console with a competitive price point for the more casual gamers and the new king of the console, the Playstation 4 Pro. A beefed up, 4K gaming machine that should bring new levels of graphical fidelity and gameplay speeds to console gamers. For all the juicy details on what these new consoles have to offer, why not check out the video below and watch the Sony keynote speech where both consoles and the future of Playstation gaming is shown to the public for the first time. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel after watching.

Southern-Fried Gaming Expo Atlanta 2016

Southern Fried Gameroom Expo 2016 LinkSFGE 2016 Impressions

This year’s Southern Fried Gaming Expo was a slice of gaming heaven in the heat of summertime in Atlanta. Rows and rows of pinball machines, old and new, lined the ballrooms of the Renaissance Waverly hotel, arcade cabinets, and arguably best of all, scores of game lovers moved happily past one another, eager simply to see the games. And truly, the games were the stars of SFGE. While other conventions spread across multiple interests and avenues, the Southern Fried Gaming Expo has a primary focus of video games, and this focus is pursued with passionate enthusiasm.

Replay Events Play Expo Manchester 2015

Play Expo Manchester 2015 LinkPlay Expo Manchester 2015 Gallery

.JoypadAndMe headed over to Manchester on October 10th to Event City to attend this years Replay Events ltd gaming event called Play Expo. Play Expo is a coming together of retro games, current gen games as well as board games, anime, cosplay, film and tv. The event has grown over the years and with this years event boasting autograph signings from the likes of Darth Vader himself, David Prowse as well as many others and the ever popular cosplay showcase and competition it was shaping up to be another success. Graham, Danny and Ashley headed down to see what was going on this year.

EGX 2015 Birmingham NEC

EGX 2015 Impressions LinkEGX 2015 Impressions

EGX has always been a big draw for gamers all over the country to come together to check out some of the biggest and best upcoming games. In a change from previous years the event has now moved from London and the now flattened Earl’s Court to Birmingham’s NEC. JoypadAndMe have always loved the community of gamers that attend EGX and this year was no exception.  With developers like Ubisoft, EA, Activision and many more showing up to show their wares, EGX 2015 was set to be another great event. Over the 4 day event we managed to get three of our team to head down and check out what was going on. Graham, Gareth and Ashley took a look at what was on show and give us some of their thoughts

EGX 2015 LinkEGX 2015 Gallery

This year saw the popular EGX event sponsored by Virgin Media move from its old home of London’s Earl’s Court that is now sadly no longer with us, to its new home at Birmingham’s NEC. With games a plenty on show and a strong showing from the cosplay community it proved to be another success with many thousands of dedicated fans turning up to brave the queues hoping to see some of their favourite upcoming titles as well as some old classics and some imaginative indie developers showing off their wares. JoypadAndMe were there again to find out just what was going on as well as to meet and enjoy the gaming community. Here is our gallery of photos taken during the event which Graham, Gareth and new writer Ashley attended over the four days.

E3 2015

Jedi Junkies Look At PlayStations E3 Press Show 2015 LinkJedi Junkie’s Look At PlayStation’s E3 Press Show 2015

As a self-confessed Sony fanboy I knew that the highlight of the 2015 E3 event was always going to be the PlayStation Presser. I have watched them for many years now, even staying up to catch the 2am start. This year was no exception. the JoypadAndMe team spoke about what we were expecting to hear and were hoping to see in podcast Episode 73 which you can catch over on our podcast feed or on our podcast page on the website. Sitting in my living room late at night feverishly writing notes about what was coming up might sound like madness to some but it’s always a good time for me as it helps me to judge whats being shown and what my thoughts are about it all.

Ashley Takes A Look At Microsofts E3 Press Event 2015 LinkAshley Takes A Look At Microsoft’s E3 Press Event 2015

E3 is such a magical time of year for us gamers, much to the same way WrestleMania is the greatest time of year for a wrestling fan. Companies pull out ALL the stops to produce the most jaw-dropping games and features for gamers. Some go over well (Final Fantasy 7 Remake), others not so much (The entirety of Nintendo’s event, sans muppets). Xbox I feel, followed through on a promise to deliver one of their best E3 line-ups ever, so let’s take a brief look at some of those highlights that came out of the Microsoft press event 2015 including Hololens, Xbox Preview, Gears Of War 4 and of course, Halo 5 Guardians.

VDJomb's Not So Live Blog E3 2015VDJomb’s Sony [Not So] Live Blog 2015

Wow, has it really been a year already since my last [Not so] live blog of Sony’s E3 2014. Given the damp squib that it was in comparison to my first write up of 2013 can this year be better? So will we see games we’ve been promised previously coming out this year or will 2016 be the new 2015? Will there be any new hardware reveals? Will any of my predictions on JoypadAndMe JAMcast Episode 73 come true? Connor goes through the Sony Press event to bring you all the details from the press conference including The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 No Man’s Sky and a whole host of other titles including the latest development from Media Molecule in the form of Dreams.

Podcast Episode 73: E3 Pre Event Predictions And PostulationsPodcast Episode 73: E3 Pre Event Predictions And Postulations

Its E3 time again. That time when gamers from all around the world and of all ages come together in the wide eyed hope that their long awaited sequel will be revealed or another game in their preferred genre will be announced. The guys here at JoypadAndMe are no exception. eagerly waiting to hear something that a) will make them want to empty their wallets for and b) hasn’t already been leaked before the event. Graham, Connor and Gareth come together again for another episode of the JoypadAndMe podcast to chat about all that we know and have seen leaked as well as what he are expecting and hoping for. See how many of our E3 2015 predictions will come true and who has the wildest and most far fetched predictions.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015

Merseyside ComicCon 2015 LinkMerseyside ComicCon 2015 Gallery

Merseyside ComicCon 2015 was held on 30th May 2015. The event brought together fans of film, comics, games and cosplay in one event. The Merseyside ComicCon is a growing event that relies heavily on the dedication of its organisers as well as local businesses and vendors to spread the word and help to make it as much of a success as it can be. With such guests as David Prowse, Robert Llewellyn, Terry Molloy and Mike Edmonds, the event was working hard to provide as much diversity for fans as possible. JoypadAndMe sent Graham and Ashley over to the event to see just what was going on. With camera in hand, the pair went and saw fans from all genres coming together to make for a fun event for all ages.

Replay Events: Play Expo Blackpool 2015

Play Expo: Blackpool 2015 Photo Gallery

Replay Events are the definitive event holders when it comes to retro and arcade game events in the UK. JoypadAndMe have been to many of their events and have always had a great time. This year Replay Events hosted their Play Expo event in Blackpool at the Norbreck Hotel. A host of classic arcade machines were on offer for all to experience as well as a plethora of retro consoles and computers for all to get their hands on and try out some of those memorable games from the past and maybe relive some long lost memories of gaming fun. Graham, Ashley, Steven and friend of the site, Bill went down to check out what was on offer and to experience yet another fun packed event.

Play Expo: Blackpool 2015 Preview

UK gaming and cosplay fans its time for you to get ready to head to Blackpool for Replay Events Play Expo event in Blackpool. Mark the 2nd to the 4th of May in your calendars and head on down to this years retro gaming, arcade filled and cosplay competition extravaganza. Last years event was a great success and we here at JoypadAndMe are sure that Replay Events have made sure that this years will be even better. We will be there to relive our youth with some of the best retro consoles and games available and to spend countless hours on some of the best arcade machines ever created.

Newcastle Film And Comic Con 2015

Event Round-Up With Super Sonic Sky

One of our newest writers here at JoypadAndMe is as many of you know, a keen cosplayer. If you have read her cosplay interview then you will know plenty about Katie aka Super Sonic Sky. Well Katie has been busy racing off to cosplay and comic con events whenever she can and the latest was Newcastle Film & Comic Con (#NFCC). Katie decided to take some time and write about her experiences while at the event to share with you all. The Film & Comic Con Newcastle is based in the Metro Radio arena and as Katie explains, it’s something that you should head on down to see.

EGX 2014

EGX Round-Up (including impressions of Far Cry 4, Alien Isolation, The Order 1886, Evil Within and Dead Rising 2)

Formally known as EuroGamer Expo, attended EGX 2014 and braved many of its intimidating long queues to get their hands on the demos of some of this years and next years biggest upcoming games. Darren spent some time checking out 5 of the most hotly anticipated titles set to try and take some of your hard earnt money and take a place in your video game collections. So what can you expect from the Alien Isolation, Far Cry 4, The Order 1886, Evil Within and Dead Rising 2?

EGX 2014 Gallery

The EGX event formally known as Eurogamer is the biggest gaming event in the UK and has been steadily growing each and every year. With the biggest and best titles on display and every developer and producer vying for the entrants attention, EGX proves to be a bright and hectic world of gaming brought under one roof. Our team was there this year in Earls Court to get all the news and take in the atmosphere of this huge gathering of all things video game. If you couldn’t make it to the event then why not take a look at the gallery and see what went on and hopefully we will see you at future events.

E3 Expo 2014

Destiny Alpha Impressions

Destiny has been a talking point for many gamers since its announcement last year. A first person shooter from the makers of the Microsoft exclusive Halo but this time on multi platform. Will it hold up against the likes of Halo, Battlefield, Killzone and the self-proclaimed king of the FPS genre Call of Duty? Well for some there has been the opportunity to try out an early Alpha build recently. Bungie released codes to players to participate in a weekend of Destiny action and JoypadAndMe were lucky enough to be able to sample some of the action. Jedi Junkie sits down and takes a look at what looks to be a very big release indeed and certainly one of the most anticipated titles for 2014.

Battlefield Hardline Beta Impressions

Now in sure I’m not the only person who was taken by surprise when we were told at the E3 conference the new BETA is launching right now. As soon as he said this I quickly managed to download it and start playing. First off this is a completely new game in terms of the action. We are used to army vs army but now it is those who protect us against those who are a danger to us. Classic cops vs robbers scenario here and in my opinion it’s a nice change which I think was needed and it’s good to see that battlefield has a made the big step towards it.

Replay Events: Play Expo Blackpool 2014

Llamasoft & Oculus Rift

Indie Developers Llamasoft were at PlayExpo Blackpool showing off their Oculus Rift enabled game Minotaur Rescue. It was a great opportunity for us to chat with Llamasoft and for me to finally see if the Oculus Rift was all it’s cracked up to be. All movie references intended… “Oculus Rift, we put their name to the test!” When they first put the goggles in my hand it did not feel like a heavy piece of kit. It was lightweight and I was more worried that I was going to break it! That wasn’t the case. When I placed it on my head the straps felt a little small like it was set for a smaller head. I chose not to adjust it because there was a large queue behind me and I didn’t want to waste time.

Play Blackpool Gallery

Replay Events held their Play Expo Blackpool event on 3-4 May 2014. JoypadAndMe went along to check out what amazing retro games, consoles and arcade machines were on offer as well as to check out the cosplayers that also went along to the event. Check out the gallery below to see some of the action that went on. We want to thank Replay Events for putting on a great event and if you like what you see here then you should check out their next event in Manchester on 11-12 October. JoypadAndMe will be there to take part in all the retro action, why not come along and say hi. If you cant make it to Manchester then keep an eye out for future events for your retro gaming entertainment.

Replay Events: Play Expo Manchester 2013

PE 2013: Gallery

Play Expo is an event that was held in Manchester on 12th & 13th October 2013 and held by Replay Events LTD. This event sees a great mix of gaming both old and new. From classic arcade machines and pinball tables to Assassins Creed and Dark Souls 2 on the Playstation 4 and the appearance of Oculus Rift for all to enjoy. JoypadAndMe’s own Jedi Junkie otherwise known as Graham went along with ever excitable guys, Adam and Jaymes from A&J’s gaming café in Liverpool to see just what was going on. in Manchester and what lovely games, retro consoles, arcade machines and pinball tables we could all get our hands on.

PE 2013: Oculus Rift

JoypadAndMe attended the Play Expo event in Manchester this October along with the guys from A&J’s gaming café in Liverpool. One of the attractions that was there that both Myself and Jaymes desperately wanted to get their hands on was the immersive technology called Oculus Rift. We got a chance to talk to Joe Chen from Oculus about it. Beforehand I managed to get a chance to try out the device and I can safely say that it is all it lives up to be. putting on the headset throws you into a computer generated world like no other device can. I personally tried out the device with the driving game called IRacing. It took a couple of seconds to adjust from one perspective of the outside world to the new perspective of the game. After a couple of seconds it begins to feel natural and your brain engages in what you are seeing.

Eurogamer Expo London 2013

EGX 2013: Remote Viewer

EGX 2013: Need For Speed Rivals

EGX 2013: TitanFall Impressions

EGX 2013: Assassins Creed Black Flag Impressions

EGX 2013: Playstation 4 Hands On Impressions

EGX 2013: Futurlab

EGX 2013: Tearaway

EGX 2013: Gallery

E3 Expo 2013

E3: Microsoft Write Up

E3: Sony Write Up

E3 Expo 2012

What Are People Thinking About…..E3?

What We Learnt From The Big 3 At E3 2012

Eurogamer 2012

Eurogamer 2012: Jedi Junkie’s Impressions Pt. 1

Eurogamer 2012: Jedi Junkie’s Impressions Pt. 2

Eurogamer 2012: Jedi Junkie’s Impressions Pt. 3

Eurogamer 2012: Jedi Junkie’s Impressions Pt. 4

Eurogamer 2012: Jedi Junkie’s Impressions Pt. 5


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