Redbull Battlegrounds: Detroit

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The Redbull Battlegrounds tour isn’t the biggest destination on the Starcraft II Calendar but it certainly gained the right level of attention. Many high level players and a few legends turned up to what has become a spectacular show of the highest caliber players that Starcraft has to offer.

RedBull Battlegrounds Detroit 2014Amongst the players that showed up to the Detroit leg of the tour was Patrick Brix from Denmark aka Bunny. I’ve seen Bunny in plenty of tournaments and no offense but he leaves pretty early. I keep underestimating the tension and difficulty that pro players go through. All they need is a lucky break and they’re on top. In fact, Bunny recently broke a 2 year record, he was the first non-Korean to win a championship in the past 2 years.

Bunny won his newly found glory against one of the greatest players in Starcraft, Ko Seok Hyun, aka Hyun, aka The Hyunstoppable! Bunny won convincingly with a 4:2 victory. Sadly they met again at the Battlegrounds just before the quarterfinals and Hyun exacted his revenge.

Another European contender came in the form of Snute who played very well but personally, I would say he lost to himself. Snute lost in the quarterfinals against a Korean player Stardust. Stardust is currently the WCS Europe champion. His matchup against Snute is very one sided. As of Battlegrounds Detroit, they now sit at 6:0 against each other. Each time they face off Snute chooses a strong Swarm Host strategy that is simply predictable against Stardust.

Despite the excellent players that participated in the tournament, my eyes were on 2 of the best Terrans in the world, and they did not disappoint! Yes I’m talking about my faveourite Terran player, the mighty Polt and the hottest player on the planet right now… TAEJA!

Polt’s road to the final was arguably more difficult than Taeja’s as he had to go through San and ViOlet. Both of whom regularly take part in the Korean championships known as the Global Starcraft League (GSL) and have multiple major championship titles under their belts.  It also made Polt’s training for the last day difficult because he faced a Protoss, then a Zerg and finally a Terran. Pre-tournament training was literally “be your best at everything”.

Redbull Battlegrounds Detroit 2014

Taeja on the other hand faced off against a couple of local heroes from America and Detroit. His hardest match on the road to the finals was against Korean player Revival. Despite not having as many championship wins as Taeja, Revival is a top player who has felled many great players in his time.

Then came the final match… POLT VS TAEJA! I was sitting there expecting some long-winded game of constant stand-offs and highly tactical positioning, which you would expect from a Terran vs Terran matchup. I was completely blown away! TvT has evolved into a fast paced, constant base-trade from the word go. The slow startup period that Terrans face compared to other races has forced Terran players to snatch every advantage they can get. This means attacking and dealing some sort of damage with the scouting SCV, this includes being very annoying and delaying anything your opponent builds.

I will proudly say that this has been the best Starcraft II match I have seen this year

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