Red Bull Battlegrounds 2014

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Red Bull Battlegrounds is an annual Starcraft 2 tournament and one that I missed last year. This year however there is only one word that sums up this tournament… BOMBER! Bomber is a veteran SC2 player and he alone pioneered the original Terran build orders that were picked up by legends such as Polt. Imagine my excitement when these two titans made it to the final.


Before we look at the final match I want to talk about Bomber’s play style. He went against another skilled opponent when he battled viOLet. The most interesting part of this is Bomber’s very high level mind games. Bomber uses tactics that I’ve never seen any other Terran player use. For example he will lift up command centers in his base so that they don’t appear on the enemy radar even when scouted. Think about it, your opponent has a lot more on their mind than remembering there’s a command center hiding somewhere.


VenueIn one of his TvZ matches against viOLet, Bomber sent some Hellions past viOLet’s overlord thus showing up on the radar for a second. He then brought them back around in the fog of war and then reposition them in the overlord’s line of sight. The purpose of which is to fake that he is building Hellion’s 2 at a time. This is a big deal when you consider a single Hellion costs 2 marines. That’s 4 marines unaccounted for.


As we know from MLG Anaheim viOLet is not a pushover, the video below is both Bomber’s semifinal against viOLet and the grand finals against Polt. Listen to the casters, watch closely how Bomber plays. ViOLet had the perfect counter strategy to Bomber but what he didn’t have was Bomber’s mind games.


Now I really like Bomber after seeing him play at the battlegrounds tournament. He’s another one of those veterans that’s been in somewhat of a slump. In fact he almost completely disappeared over the last 2 years. Polt, the former American WCS champion and my favorite Terran, got very cocky saying “Nothing will stop me, I’m going to win!”. And fair enough my money was on him to win. In the post-match interview the casters asked Bomber what his response is going into the finals. Bomber simply answered “I will, don’t worry.” And he delivered, Bomber blew up Polt like nothing I’ve ever seen.




I don’t know about you but this year SC2 is looking to explode! I’m really pumped up to see the final roster for Blizzcon at the end of the year. For now here are 2 upcoming events to whet your appetite. There’s going to be a lot of big names attending the events and July is set to be a great


IEM Shenzhen – 16/07/2014 –

DreamHack: Valencia – 18/2014 –


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