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Hello all my fellow e-Sports fans. I hope you all caught the action at MLG Anaheim last weekend, I for one was quite impressed by the Starcraft II tournament. I think it’s safe to say that Anaheim was a tournament for the underdogs.

One of the most notable names in the tournament was Evil Genius’s star Zerg player Jaedong. I was really surprised to see his name on the participants table and never even saw him in the live streams. As it turned out he was knocked out right at the final hurdle by Terran player Bomber. Bomber has been around for a long time but he’s returning from a bit of a slump. I’ve already expressed how good Jaedong is in previous articles but Bomber is also World Championship finalist. As history dictates Bomber has a lot of victories against Jaedong, I think it was pure bad luck that these two titans went head to head before the finals.

Bomber was then taken down by MLG Anaheim 2013 2nd place champion Hyun. Hyun again is one of those names I frequently use because he is a good Zerg player. His style is a bit old-school because he came from the Brood War days. Hyun loves spamming 70 zerglings the instant he makes a hole in his opponent’s defense and trust me it’s hard to stop!

For some reason Bomber vs Hyun is so hard to find so I’ll give you this match from MLG Anaheim 2013. This is one of my favourite matches of all time and this is why TvZ is awesome to watch:

I think the highlight for everyone during the tournament was Scarlett’s cheeky tactics. Scarlett is and always will be a Zerg player. She is one of the best in the world and had the entire stadium in an uproar. Scarlett is a Canadian and she had to go against Korean Zerg DongRaeGu, a veteran with a list of 1st places behind him. I promise you the odds were stacked against her… How did she win? After losing her first match she switched to Protoss!

DongRaeGu is not to be trifled with. Like the casters say he’s making a return, like his profile page shows he has a collection of trophies in his cabinet. Here’s how Scarlett won. In order to beat DongRaeGu she had to do something drastic and unexpected so she practiced a Protoss build specifically for the second map Frost, specifically for DongRaeGu. I think this is really exciting and it changes SC2 altogether. I hope a lot of other players consider trying this in more pro matches. When you think about it, even though these pro players have one specific race they are good at, they are at least grand master level at the other two races. Ever heard the saying know your enemy?

The grand finals crushed my heart! Polt is my favourite Terran player because his solid style and low(ish) apm is offset by his incredible tactical mind. He finished 1st in the 2013 tournament but came 2nd this year. His opponent was a Korean Protoss player Trap. I don’t know a lot about trap even though I have seen him in the world championships. He has beaten top players like MC in the past and had to win 7 straight best of 3’s in a row to claim MLG Anaheim 2014 1st place.


Finals match 1:

Finals match 2:

Stay tuned to for plenty more esports action.

Paul Hayden


Paul Hayden


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