Nikkie Lamb: A Deeper Look Into The World Of A Disney Princess And A Boudoir Bombshell

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Many of you might remember Nikkie, We have chatted to her before here on JoypadAndMe and you can read that interview right HERE if you haven’t already. Well time has passed since then and we thought it was high time to catch up with Nikkie again and see just how much her cosplay creations and her in front of the camera antics have changed. This interview links in with one we have also done with Nikkie’s favourite photographer so we could bring you both sides of the camera and hear about each of their thoughts. If you want to read that interview with the photographer, Nicole Saxon-Bate then you can check that out right HERE. But for now lets here from Nikkie and see what she has been getting up to.

Nikkie Lamb A Deeper Look Into The World Of A Disney Princess And A Boudior Bombshell Interview Photo 3Since we last spoke to you, you have been up to quite a lot it seems. Could you give us an idea of some of the creations and things you have been up to?

Making my childhood dreams of becoming a Princess a reality haha. I’ve been making too many Disney couples but I think I’m getting too comfortable with sewing at the moment so I’m looking into working with new materials like thermoplastics and foam and even making props for the first time! I’m trying to branch out a bit more this year! Though I’ll probably try building even bigger sewing projects!

You do a lot of photoshoots with Nicole Saxon-Bate. How did this come about?

She’ll kill me if I don’t remember this haha. We were acquaintances during college as we took different courses but had mutual friends. I think she put up a post about wanting models etc for photography and I needed some outfits shooting so we tried it and well we’ve never looked back!

How important is it for you to have a good relationship with a photographer?

As long as they have the right attitude I think it’s ok. Me and Nicole and very comfortable around each other and we have fun on the shoots. I’ve had shoots with other photographers also and some do their darn bestest to make you as happy and at home as possible, others make it awkward and a bad experience and it’s hard to relax and get a good image if both of you is tense!

Does the photographer have a big impact on your choice of costume and the decisions to shoot certain creations?

I’d never choose to shoot something risky with an unfamiliar face. And of course every Photographer has their own ideas about character setting and how to portray the characters and they sometimes differ to my own ideas but it does impact on which outfits I take to shoot with me.

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How much collaberation do you have with your photographer with regards to the editing process for some of your photos?

I am completely happy with what they choose to do. They know how they’d like their images and they see it from a photography view which involves lighting, filters, colouring etc whereas im just ok with the poses. With Nicole I do tend to pick out my favourites and she hers 🙂

Your last photoshoot with Nicole shows a different side to you with a more ‘model’ feel to the images and a more risqué feel. What inspired you to take this step and how has this alternate style of photos been taken by your fans and the general public?

Nikkie Lamb A Deeper Look INto The World Of A Disney Princess And A Boudior Bombshell Interview Photo 1I asked around a bit before doing them to see what people’s opinions on them was and I got some very mixed opinions. It has been something both me and Nicole have wanted to try for a very long time but I kept putting it off, then she got studio access and my excuses ran out! Hahhaa. It was a very fun shoot to say the least and I’m glad it’s now out there. The images have a had a fabulous welcome even though I lost a lot of followers for them but who cares? Least they didn’t complain and bitch me out, they just left quietly which I appreciate! It was just something I needed to do for myself and I was lucky enough to have that amazing lady behind the camera!

What do you think about the differences between cosplay photoshoots with revealing costumes and lingerie shoots with similar amounts of clothing? Is there a difference in perception to the model in question from the public about the choices of outfit?

I think there is a difference. I feel a cosplayer shooting say a sonico bikini is more accepted than the cosplayer being themselves in lingerie. I feel that people accept the character more because it can be classed as cosplay. But it starts a whole other debate if you were any character you wanted in underwear.

How different is it for you to do those two different styles of modelling/photography?

Cosplay it is easy… I’m somebody else, I’m not me. When it’s a normal shoot of myself I struggle for ideas I have no personality to apply and fake, I’m just me. That’s why I went for the wigs for the lingerie shoot I was me but I felt a little less vulnerable with a wig.

Nikkie Lamb A Deeper Look Into The World Of A Disney Princess And A Boudior Bombshell Interview Photo 2

How has the past year changed you and your thoughts on cosplaying and being in front of the camera? Have there been any major changes?

Confidence has been the major one on myself but mostly due to that last shoot, I  can’t remember the last time I looked at myself full on in the mirror, nevermind from a computer screen on social media.
And my thoughts have changed quite a lot this year especially with cosplay and photoshoots. I used to think it was all show them what they want and you’ll be liked but I’ve had a magical year, being all the Princesses living out many little girls childhood dreams and it has been the happiest year of my life. And to realise that my ballgowns have gotten more attention than my latest images has been a real eye opener and as long as I have fun people will appreciate that no matter what my cosplay decisions!

Nikkie Lamb A Deeper Look Into The World Of A Disney Princess And A Boudior Bombshell Interview Photo 5The press and associated media have a mixed view on cosplayers, especially seen after certain events over 2015 with jokes being made about different groups of amateur cosplayers as well as almost over infatuation with other more professional cosplayers. Do you have any views on this?

When is the media very positive about anything? You can’t take everything you read literally, they barely know half the stories and they dramatize everything.
As for “amateur” cosplayers we were all a novice at one point, everyone has to start somewhere as long as you’re doing it for your own enjoyment. And professional cosplayers? They’re clearly doing something right if we all love them so much, there is no point in petty attitudes towards anyone. Aren’t we meant to be a caring and supporting community?

If you could go back and redo one of your earlier cosplay creations and update it with the knowledge you have gained since, which would it be and why?

Alexstraza! Hahaha it was the most badly made, terrible attempt and it didn’t stay up and i have 7 scars from when it was attached to me over the convention day and I like the character so much to abandon all hope. She’s definitely a remaker!

What would you like to see happen to the cosplay scene in the coming months and over into the next couple of years?

Less negative normans, more confidence and more cosplays!!!!

Is there anyone you would like to mention or thank?

I have to thank Nicole of course without her and her amazing images I wouldn’t be where I am. And I wanna thank those closest to me who put up with me through my hissy fits and of course everyone who supports me, they make me continue when I want to give up!

We would again like to thank Nikkie for the time she took out to answer our questions. We would love for our readers to show their support for Nikkie and head on over to her FaceBook page and take a look and give the page a like while you are there. The link for the FaceBook page can be found below. Be sure to keep an eye out for both Nikkie and her favourite photographer Nicole at conventions and shows where they will be sure to be showing off some impressive cosplay creations.

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