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The cosplay community has been growing in size and popularity over the past few years. Recently there has been an explosion in the creativity and diversity that is out there. From the professional to the amateur. From the vastly expensive creations to the budget builds. Each and every cosplayer has their own style that comes out in each creation. We here at JoypadAndMe want to show off the talents of as many cosplayers as possible. We have this dedicated page to cosplayers as well as our very own cosplay gallery so please check out who’s here and let them know what you think of their creations. If you would like to be interviewed here or have your photos posted on the cosplay gallery then contact us at


Nikkie Lamb A Deeper Look Into A Disney Princess And A Boudior Bombshell Banner

Nicole Saxon Bate Photography Interview Banner

William Selby Cosplay Interview Banner

Pablo Bairan Cosplayer Banner

Pippa 512 Cosplayer Banner

Brema Ebbing Cosplay Interview Banner

Nikkie Lamb Cosplayer Banner

Candy Keane Cosplayer Banner

EeVee cosplay banner

Lady Jaded Banner

Dustbunny Banner

Juby Headshot Banner

Supersonic Sky Banner

Cosplay Interview Banner Aurore Dimopoulos

Rebecca Carter Cosplay

Kirsty Johnson Cosplay Banner

Cosplay Richard Ash

Cosplay Sarah Jane Banner

ALien Queen Banner

Why not check out our cosplay gallery by clicking on the link below

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Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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