Destiny Midnight Launch @ GAME Lord Street

Destiny Midnight Launch banner

Destiny Midnight Launch @ GAME Lord Street

OVOM (L) & Jaymes (Me) waiting outside for the doors to open!

OVOM (L) & Jaymes (Me) waiting outside for the doors to open!

After all the build-up and teaser trailers that I’m sure you’ve all seen over the past months (“VENUS BABY!!”), it’s finally here, Destiny has manifested itself and believe me, it is definitely worth the wait. Having pre ordered my copy and being unable to wait to get my grubby little mitts on my copy longer than necessary, I decided to attend GAME Lord Street’s in store midnight launch and get the drop on everyone else picking up their copies the next day.

I’ve been to a few midnight launches in GAME’S Liverpool branches before (Halo 3 and GTA V stand out as some of my favourite events so far) so I knew what to expect before I turned up and dressed up with the foresight of being stood out in the cold with my fellow Guardians, eagerly awaiting midnight to come around!

Destiny Midnight Launch

Give me my game and nobody has to get hurt…

I arrived at around 10pm to beat the ‘Johnny come latelys’ and after a short wait outside while the staff braced themselves for the onslaught of gamers, the doors opened and we were greeted by GAME’s very own Guardian overseeing the proceedings.

After queuing up with my pre-order receipt clutched tightly in my grasp, I reached the counter and was given a number that would correspond to my pre-order pick up when the game went on sale. Everyone’s purchases, including DLC codes, strategy guides and other gubbins (not forgetting the all-important game) were placed in bags and then your order number was then stapled to the bag so there was no confusion at all. The whole organisation by the staff was excellent and when the game eventually went on sale, you could really feel the benefit of their pre planning as within 2 minutes of the game going on sale, despite being 10 deep into the queue, I had my copy in hand, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

After getting my customer number, along with everyone else who’d queued up, we now played the waiting game. Fortunately, the guys down at Lord Street were at hand to help make the wait a bit less tedious. There were helpful members of staff passing through the crowd handing out info sheets so we could see exactly what was on offer on the night and even a table set up groaning under the weight of Destiny related goodies tempting fans and impulse buyers alike (I myself ended up walking away with a sexy Vanguard hoodie.)

Destiny Midnight launch double

Destiny Midnight Launch

The tension does strange thing to Charles…

Destiny Midnight Launch

Bask in its glory…BASK IN IT!!!

As the time to launch grew ever closer, you could cut the tension in the air with a knife, the crowd had swollen from a mere 15 people clustered at the front of the store, to a whopping 50+ Guardians snaking all the way through the store and out down past the Specsavers (not as large a queue as GTA V but still a very respectable turnout!). The staff could sense the restlessness growing but dissipated it by holding raffles for Destiny standees that were revered by all in store. We also had the fantastic live action trailer to watch whilst standing in line (if you haven’t seen it, make sure you check it out once you’ve finished reading this!), as well as discussing the merits of each class and which planet we were most looking to visiting once we got out space legs (for your information, the most popular planet people wanted to visit was Uranus…insert joke here)

Overall, the Destiny launch was a fantastic event. Everyone there was out to enjoy themselves and we were of same ilk so there was no risk of confrontation or apprehension, it generally felt like a party atmosphere, which you can see from the Vine the manager got us to film for the countdown to release (see link below)

Destiny Midnight Launch

If you haven’t been to one of GAME Lord Street’s midnight launches before, I would highly recommend it. You’ll have a fantastic time, meet great people and most importantly, get your hands on some great gaming loot before anyone else! Make sure you check them out on social media to find out about all their upcoming events and I’ll see you there!

Guest Writer: Jaymes Hatch


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