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JoypadAndMe is all about the gaming community from all around the world. Fans of video games come in all shapes and sizes as well as interests. Some people like to talk endlessly about different games and the characters within. Some people like to take it a step further and recreate these characters in all their glory. Cosplaying is growing more and more in every corner of the hobby and interest genres. JoypadAndMe want to support this in any way we can and one of these ways is to have our very own cosplay gallery section. Why not take some time to check out each of these cosplayers and look at the creations they have put so much time, effort and energy into. A lot of the cosplayers we have displayed here have also done interviews with us talking about varies issues and interests to do with their cosplaying interests. There are links to each of these interviews at the top of their gallery pages so please check them out.

If you are a cosplayer and would like us to feature your creations and have a page here then let us know by emailing us at

Click on the link to view the selected gallery.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015 Banner

Play Expo 2014 Banner

Lady Jaded Banner

Supersonic Sky Banner

Kirsty Johnson Cosplay Banner

Rebecca Carter Cosplay

Cosplay Richard Ash

Cosplay Banner Aurore Dimopoulos

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