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Retro gaming has been getting more and more popular over the years. The love of old games and reliving memories of the past can be quite addicting to some. Replay Events is a company that hosts one of the best retro gaming events in the UK each year. JoypadAndMe have been lucky enough to attend a few of them and have been very impressed with what we saw. If you have a love of an old console or a particular game then you are sure to find it at one of their events along with a host of consoles, computers and games that you have forgotten about or maybe didn’t even know existed.

Replay Events are hosting their next event on October 11-12 at Event City in Manchester.

 To buy tickets online go to:

Listed below are just some of what they have planned for all you lucky gaming and retro fans out there.


Pro Evolution Soccer 15Konami will be there showing off their latest projects including Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 on the latest gen consoles. Added to the latest gen games displayed is the behemoth title that is Minecraft on its latest outing on the PlayStation 4. If you haven’t already sat down and tried it then you really should. There will also be a host of indie titles to check out and maybe find something a bit different and something that might just peak your interest. Some highlights are New n Tasty from JoypadAndMe favourites Just Add Water as well as others such as Stealth inc 2, Overruled, Iron Fisticle, The Escapists and many more.

♦♦♦ UPDATE ♦♦♦ It has just been announced that MXGP – The official motorcross video game will be playable on the PlayStation 4 at Play Expo. This will be your first chance to get your hands on this MotorCross title before it releases. Why not try it out on one of the latest and most powerful consoles released.


Here’s where Replay Events shine, their collection of retro consoles and games is second to none. You cant help but be impressed and the line up that they have on offer. To make it even better, these consoles and games aren’t just there for you to look at and admire from afar or behind a Perspex window. Oh no these consoles and games are layed out ready for you all to get your hungry mitts on and get down to some awesome retro gaming yourselves. From recently inducted into the retro family such as the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox you will also find Nintendo’s lineup including the GameCube, N64, Super Nintendo, NES as well as you aver adored Gameboys in many of their iterations. If you look around you may even find the huge custom Gameboys to do a bit of competitive tetris action on a massive scale. Sega, Atari, PlayStation, Amstrad, Commadore and many others will also be on hand to play some of the most iconic titles ever created. Maybe you are someone who hasn’t played games in years and fondly remember a happier time. Maybe you want to show the younger generations what they have missed out on or maybe you just cant get enough of the classics but you will find them all at the Play Expo.

On top of the classic retro consoles on offer you can also get your hands on a myriad of arcade cabinets. Play Expo creates their very own arcade full of the biggest and best arcade cabinets out there. Sega Rally, Daytona 500, Time Crisis, Breakout, Pacman and loads more. All your favourites will be there as well as maybe some you never got a chance to try out before and maybe a few you have never even heard of. Whatever your taste, there is sure to be plenty of arcade cabinets there to tickle your fancy. To top that off you don’t even have to bring a sack full of coins. Each and every arcade cabinet is totally free to play! no more shovelling in coin after coin just to try to get that highest score, here you can play till your heart’s content or at least till your button mashing fingers let you.


Even before classic video games were a twinkle in their creators eyes there was still gaming to be had. Pinball tables have been a huge staple in many a gamers lives. There are literally thousands of different tables out there all with their own feel and look. Tight fast tables and large open tables, many with hidden secrets and skills to be learned. Play Expo is the place to be if you are a pinball aficionado or even just a keen amateur. Play Expo brings together hundreds of the best tables out there, classic themed tables, rare hardly seen tables and many more besides. If that wasn’t good enough then wait for this…..all the pinball tables are free to play! Yep that’s right, rather than having to drop large amounts of coins into them to get better at each table, at Play Expo you can play as many tables as you want and you wont have to spend a penny. If that’s not gaming value for money then I don’t know. Go on, show your inner pinball wizard.


We here at JoypadAndMe have shown our viewers a selection of different cosplayers and their creations and Play Expo intends to do a lot more. People from all over the country love to create their favourite video game and film characters, some making faithful recreations and others putting their own twists and variations on much-loved characters. At play Expo you will be able to see people bringing their creations for you all to see. Think you have a cosplay creation that is better than the rest? If so then why not bring it along and enter their competition. Are you an amateur cosplayer or thinking about it but don’t know where to start? Well then Play Expo has you covered. Check out their workshops to gain valuable tips and tricks to take your creations to the next level. On top of this there will be discussions and talks from varies cosplayers on this ever-expanding genre.


Think you are a better gamer than the rest? Care to test your metal against like-minded individuals? Play Expo has you covered. During the event there will be a whole host of competitions and tounaments available to sign up to and stake your claim as one of the best gamers in the land. Are you a league of legends master? Can you score big in Pro Evolution Soccer? Are you the Lewis Hamilton of the MarioKart world? Are you the button mashing king of Street Fighter? Then show us what you are made of and sign up. Check out the events listing to make sure you sign up to all the tournament goodness that you can handle.

Film and Screen

In a first for Play Expo you will now get the chance to meet and chat to some of the film screens greatest characters as well as some iconic actors. To name just a few that will be attending include Dave Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch and Kenny Baker. If you don’t know who these people are then something has gone wrong as these are Darth Vader, Boba Fett and R2D2 respectively! Three of sci fi’s greatest characters there for you to get your photo taken with and say hi to. On top of that is some more home-grown sci fi goodness in the form of Red Dwarf’s Rimmer and Lister otherwise known as Chris Barrie and Craig Charles. If that’s not good enough for you then how about Bumblebee and Barricade from the Transformers movies, The legendary throne from Game Of Thrones or even the iconic  time travelling Delorian from Back To The Future!


With all this going on you might forget to check out the retailers and vendors at the event. Be sure to go and see them and maybe pick up a bargain or two. Have you been searching for that rare game to complete your collection or are you looking to expand your library of titles or maybe even get into retro gaming yourself by picking up a console or two then this is the place to do it. With so much choice for you all we are sure you will find just what you want and hopefully more than you can handle. From t-shirts and hoodies to modified Gameboys and hard to find peripherals, the vendors at Play Expo are sure to have just what you are looking for.


All in all Play Expo is the gaming event to attend up in the north of England. The weekend of 11-12 October is sure to see gamers and fans from all over the country converge on the Events City venue in Manchester for what is sure to be an amazing event. JoypadAndMe will be there to check out whats going on so come along and say hi and maybe get in on a few photos and chat to our staff. Replay Events Play Expo event is sure to be a highlight in anyones gaming calendar.

For more information and to buy tickets online go to:

See you there!

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