Play Expo: Blackpool 2015

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Play Expo Blackpool 2015 – 2nd, 3rd, 4th May

UK retro fans listen up, the convention that you have been waiting for is close at hand. The amazing guys over at Replay Events are coming back once again to bring you this years gaming and cosplay event in Blackpool.

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Retro Games

Retro gamers will love the huge collection of consoles and computers for you to get your eager hands on. From the classic pong to the legendary Nintendo and Sega consoles, PlayStation and XBox’s outings into the console wars and everything in between, it’s all there. With hundreds of consoles and games to sit down and try out, you will be awash with retro nostalgia. This is where you get to show the newest generation of gamers just where their love of all things pixelated comes from. MarioKart 8, pah, show then the birth of the karting craziness with the original MarioKart on the Super Nintendo. RPG fans, why not take a seat at an Atari 2600 and try out the original, the classic that is Adventure! Time Crisis, Duck Hunt, GoldenEye, Halo, Doom and many, many more besides. There are so many games and consoles ready for you to try out that we couldn’t name them all even if we tried!

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Arcade Machines

Arcade lovers, fear not. You have been more than catered for. The old gaming arcades of old have pretty much died out around the country, a few small outcrops here and there at holiday parks and local attractions may hold out but many never get to experience the joys of spending a day hoping from one arcade machine to another, setting high scores as you go. Many will remember spending coin after coin while battling with friends as to who was the best at Street Fighter or who could set the highest score on PacMan. Replay Events are bringing this back for you right here at Play Expo Blackpool. There will be arcade machines galore for you to spend hours over. Move from one to another trying out as many as you possibly can. Set the top score for the day then show everyone just how good you are. Even better than all this, it’s all free! That’s right, you wont have to spend countless coins endlessly going down that slot for you to play one more run. At Play Expo Blackpool all the arcade machines are free to play. When we say free to play we mean it, no pay to win or in app purchases, nope, all free to play. Turn up, press play and off you go.

Play Blackpool Gallery 12Cosplay

Want to see your favourite gaming and film characters come to life? Ever wanted to re-create a character and show it off to the world? Well at Play Expo Blackpool you can do just that. Cosplayers from all around will be there to show off their creations and compete at the events competition. Come and see all kinds of cosplayers show off the characters that they love. Why not give it a go yourself. First time and amateur cosplayers are not just welcome at the event, you are highly encouraged to turn up and join in. Speak to others and share tips and tricks, get inspiration for a new creation. Get your photo taken with your favourite characters of pixel or picture. It’s all there at Play Expo Blackpool for you to enjoy.

Games collectors and memorabilia fans will also be extremely happy. There are plenty of vendors on hand for you to look through their collections. Maybe you are looking for that one illusive game that is missing from your otherwise complete collection. Maybe you are looking to expand your console collection and need that opportunity to grab another. Perhaps you want to relive your past and have a particular game or two that you would love to take back home and relive some of those great gaming memories. At Play Expo Blackpool you can.

JoypadAndMe will be there as always to check out whats going on and to spend some time chatting and playing games with everyone at the event. If you see us then head on over and say hello. Our name will be on the back of our shirt as we may have our heads buried deep into an arcade machine or retro console.

Theres loads to see and do at the event so why not come down and see for yourself. Tickets are on sale now. You can buy them from their main site or buy clicking on THIS LINK.

Play Expo Blackpool 2015 – 2nd, 3rd, 4th May

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