Merseyside ComicCon 2015 Gallery

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Merseyside ComicCon 2015 was held on 30th May 2015. The event brought together fans of film, comics, games and cosplay in one event. The Merseyside ComicCon is a growing event that relies heavily on the dedication of its organisers as well as local businesses and vendors to spread the word and help to make it as much of a success as it can be. With such guests as David Prowse, Robert Llewellyn, Terry Molloy and Mike Edmonds, the event was working hard to provide as much diversity for fans as possible. JoypadAndMe sent Graham and Ashley over to the event to see just what was going on. With camera in hand, the pair went and saw fans from all genres coming together to make for a fun event for all ages.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015Cosplayers, Comic book artists and vendors were all on hand during the event.

MCC 2015 05This was most certainly the droid I was looking for. Always a favourite, R2D2.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015The range of characters and creations was wide and varied during Merseyside ComicCon 2015.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015It didn’t matter who you came as, everyone was friendly and approachable, even Sith Lords!

Merseyside ComicCon 2015Comic Book fandom.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015So, Vader…… how’s that turning to the dark side turned out for you???? Jedi Junkie questioning the Sith Lord.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015The Zombie Response Squad turned up to deal with an outbreak. However……..

Merseyside ComicCon 2015……The zombies didn’t seem too bothered about their defence tactics, or their weapons for that matter.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015The Zombie Response Squad was rightfully stumped after the infected chewed on his bat!

Merseyside ComicCon 2015You wait ages for a bounty hunter and then two turn up at once!

Merseyside ComicCon 2015The family Guy twist to Boba Fett was a winner, Chicken Fett.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015Even the Dark Lord himself isn’t averse to the odd Photobombing. Nor was DeadPool!

Merseyside ComicCon 2015Darth Vader showing off his ever dominating presence.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015Jedi Junkie was dared to commit the ultimate sci-fi sin. Luckily the storm trooper was on hand to exact revenge.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015Cosplayers or all ages and backgrounds came to take part in the day.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015There were plenty of people passing through throughout the day.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015Iron man turned up to give the event a taste of the Marvel universe.

Merseside ComicCon 2015Someone told the Big Daddy that Iron Man’s suit was better than his. He was not impressed.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015The cosplay competition was diverse and made for tough judging.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015The women’s cosplay heralded characters from many genres.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015The winner was undoubtedly the massively impressive Big Daddy suit from BioShock.

Merseyside ComicCon 2015At the end of the day even masters of the force have to take the weight off and contemplate the days events.


JoypadAndMe would like to give a huge thanks to the organisers of Merseyside ComicCon 2015 and we certainly recommend that fans of comics, film and cosplay. The event will be back in the future so keep your eyes open for future news and maybe think about applying for the cosplay competition yourself. We will be there next time to see the event grow and evolve and hopefully meet as many of you as we can.

See you next time.



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