The Jackobins

The Jackobins

jackobins Facebook linkJackobins Twitter LinkThe Jackobins are a 5 piece rock band from the heart of Liverpool, brought together by their love for music which they have incorporated into a way of living. The Jackobins’ first video went viral within the first 2 days of it’s release whist the physical copies of our e.p sold out  in the hundreds within a few days and entered us into several independent charts. The band has been featured on numerous blogs, magazines and radio stations from across the globe and is widely considered to be one of several acts to breakout in 2014. The band can deliver a top quality performance, demonstrated by our rapidly growing online and live following, which won’t leave you disappointed.

E.P available now on Itunes, Amazon,Spotify if you would like to purchase a digital copy please follow the links :



Press Contact:

Booking Agent:

Click on the links at either side of this page to see their facebook and twitter pages

Why not check out one of their videos below


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