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We here at JoypadAndMe like to help promote the wider community as much as we can. As many of you are aware, JoypadAndMe has its own podcast. During the JamCast episodes of our podcast we like to play music from bands within our community. Listed below are links to the bands that we feature on different episodes. Each link will take you to their dedicated page on this website with information on the band and its members as well as any details on where to listen to more of their tracks as well as links on where to buy their EPs and albums.

If you have a band or a group you would like us to feature in an upcoming episode as well as on this page then please contact us at or We are looking for a wide range of music so please apply if interested.

Band Reva Link Banner

Band The Jackobins Banner Link

Band Furian

The Roscoes

Band - Capulet

Don’t forget, to follow these bands on facebook, twitter and everywhere else possible.


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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