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We here at JoypadAndMe started with one thing in mind, to build a friendly, fun and interesting gaming community that will grow and evolve. In the time that we have been going we have come across many new friends and contacts. It is our intent to help pass on the information of some of these contacts that may interest the gaming community out there and in that way help to further build on our dream.

Click on the links below to be taken to the relevant sections of the website.


Gaming Events Gallery

Check out the Gaming gallery for photos from the events we have been to as well as the ones we have hosted. We have galleries from ExtraLife events, Eurogamer trips as well as a multitude of other events and gaming related goodness.

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Cosplay Gallery

Want to take your love of a gaming character one step further? Interested in those that do? Why not check out our Cosplay Gallery. You will find gallery pages for different cosplayers both professional and amateur. Have a look and maybe get inspired to try it for yourself.

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Bands & Music

Good music can be hard to find. With so many groups and bands out there it can sometimes be as hard to find a good song as it is to find a good game. We have got together with some great bands to bring you their latest songs and information on where to hear them. Click on the link below to see our favourites.

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Replay Events: Play Blackpool

Replay Events hold some of the best retro gaming and arcade events around the country. JoypadAndMe has been lucky enough to attend a few of these as well as spend a bit of time behind the scenes with the good people who work tirelessly to put the events together. Click on the link below to check out their Play Expo event in Blackpool and see whats on offer and how to attend.

Play Expo Blackpool Community Banner



ExtraLife is a charity event that our gaming community feels very strongly about. What can be better than to help kids fight cancer. With ExtraLife we as gamers can do just that. This annual charity event has helped to raise millions for the Children’s Miracle Network. Click on the link below to find out more and when our next events are being held.

ExtraLife Community Banner



Merseyside’s Geek and Nerd community have been growing in numbers over the past few years. With fan held conventions and group meets in the city, the geek community is a fresh and thriving one. They also now have a voice on the internet. A couple of the active members in the Merseyside community including our very own Jedi Junkie have got together and put together Nerdyside, the home of Merseyside’s geek and nerd community. A one stop place for anime, comic fandom, cosplay, tv and fill, and everything in between. Why not stop by and take a look.

Nerdyside community banner


A&J’s Eat Drink Surf

Love good food? Love video games both old and new? If the answer to both of these questions is yes then we have the place for you. A&J’s gaming café in Liverpool UK is a true mecca for retro gamers. With a friendly atmosphere. two of the greatest people you will ever meet and food that would make even the biggest food critic giggle uncontrollably, A&J’s should be on anyone’s to do list and is well worth the trip. Click below to find out more information and to see what they have on next.

A&Js Community Banner



We at JoypadAndMe love to bring our community together as often as possible. With Online gaming we can bring people from all around the world together to pit their wits against each other in fun and friendly competition in one of our varied gamernights. Click on the link below to see what we have planned and how to get involved.

Gamernights Banner



Do you strive to get the high score? Do you have to be top of the pile? If so then this is the section for you. Our scoreboards section is designed for our community to send in their high scores on any game they like. All you have to do is send proof of your score and we will post it up for all to see. Challenge your friends and get the competition started.

Scoreboards Updated

If you would like to be part of this section to show off your talents, store, youtube page, expertise etc then contact us at


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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