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Continuing our coverage of different cosplayers and their creations, we bring you BubblesGal0re, a cosplayer whose popularity, ability and love of the cosplay scene has grown with each creation she manages to come up with. JoypadAndMe managed to get some time with her to better get to know this talented woman and ask a few questions about the cosplay world and her place in it.

12525385_566693010154580_1476132506431923293_oHello and welcome to JoypadAndMe, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey there! My name is Rebecca, better known on the internet as Bubblesgal0re (yes, gal-zero-re!) I started out modeling for SFX (special effects) in college while I was working on my degree. I graduated college from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture with minors in Philosophy and Art History. I didn’t have much direction leaving college. I started working at 21c Museum Hotel Louisville until I started my own Etsy shop BlackLabelGoods. About the time my store launched was when I started really getting into fandom. I’ve always made costumes and was a total animu, but it wasn’t until *IRONICALLY* seeing “The Heroes of Cosplay” on TV that I realized I could merge the two!

At that point I still saw cosplay as an “Anime” and “Comics” thing to do. My first cosplays were Femme Hellboy, Sailor Scout Galaxy (Original Character,) Raven from Teen Titans, and Mizore from Rosario+Vampire.

Then, lucky me, I was in Boston during PAX East 2014. We were on our way back to the car when everyone came pouring out of the convention center, the Expo hall had closed. We walked into a group of guys with Friday badges that were leaving and we asked if we could have their badges if they weren’t going back in for the night and they totally gave their badges to us! THAT experience was what got me into cosplaying gaming characters. I saw Bit Brigade for the first time, playing the Legend of Zelda set and I couldn’t imagine any other place I would rather be. Until then I had only been to Anime, Comic, or Horror cons. Not realizing Gaming cons is what I would call home.

As a sculptor and a costume designer, cosplay came natural for me. Also being a huge nerd. It was kind of the best of all worlds for me. I could share fandom with people and also show off my crafting skills.

What was your first cosplay outfit and why did you choose that particular character?

My first cosplay was a femme Hellboy. It was one of the only comic book characters I can really relate to in some sense. I’m the one rooting for the anti-heros. It was also a fun way for me to incorporate what I knew best at the time, which was SFX. I made my own prosthetic horns and had full body paint.

1656071_588177211339493_3782769306342331743_nHow do you pick out which characters you want to create?

When I pick a cosplay it’s usually dependent on what materials I have available at the time. Sometimes I have boat loads of fabric to choose from and I can pick a character that is more exotic with cool patterns and sometimes I’m left making something more casual with pieces I get from my closet. Sometimes I pick a character based on their design and sometimes I get roped into doing a character I’m not particularly attached to if my friends want me to be in a group cosplay. The ones I do on my own are usually a mashup of some sort. I like designing a cosplay with elements from multiple existing designs. It adds an extra element of creativity, as if cosplaying wasn’t hard enough already!

What’s been the hardest cosplay character and costume to produce?

I would have to say the hardest cosplays to make were the ones I haven’t finished. There have been a couple of times where I agreed to do a group and I just wasn’t in love with the character and all desire to make the costume left me. I have two costumes in particular that are half-finished and I doubt I’ll ever return to the projects. As far as skill level, almost every costume I pick I want to have a build/prop, wig sculpt, and advanced patterning. I would say that my femme Graves from LoL has been my most challenging costume. I have worn it a couple of times and still have many upgrades I want to make!

What has been your favourite cosplay costume that you’ve designed?

Ohhhh picking a favorite costume is like picking a favorite child. The first one is always the best, right? But honestly, the ones where I can be silly are my favorites. BeBe (the human version) from Madoka Magica was super fun because I made a bubble-gun and spewed bubbles everywhere while shouting the names of cheeses. Of course Cammy-Fett is a favorite, mostly because it’s incredibly comfortable and people LOVE Star Wars, so there is always a good crowd interaction with her.

13087513_610170149140199_7606344843582107774_nHow do you see cosplay in general evolving in the future? Are there areas that it can expand into and are there more lavish characters to be explored?

I see cosplaying evolving as a version of theater arts. Anime contests already has skits and performances. I think cosplay will evolve more into that kind of realm, performing arts.

Do you have any words of advice for anyone wanting to get into cosplay or wanting to step up a gear in regards to their outfits and the characters they want to portray?

For all the n00bs I suggest challenging yourself with a low-budget. Anyone can buy their way into having a good costume. It takes more skill to make cardboard look like metal. As far as suggestions on how to make the most out of a convention, I’d have to say be comfortable in your costume. Walk around in the costume and make sure you’re not going to have a malfunction. Also if it’s a comic con, you’ll have more fun in a comic costume, anime con wear an anime costume, etc. It isn’t always the case, but it definitely helps beginner cosplayers to get comfortable if their costume is recognized. For advanced makers, challenge yourself by entering costume contests and start traveling to compete. It will really push your talents to their limits and inspire you to kick it up a notch!

Thanks to Rebecca for taking time out to chat to JoypadAndMe and we urge you to check out her social media pages when you get a chance by using the links below. If you are interested in being featured in our cosplay interview section then please contact Graham at Graham@JoypadAndMe.com

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