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JoypadAndMe was originally created with one purpose in mind. To bring together friends and gamers and to build up somewhere that we can all share our love of the gaming culture. What started off as a small project quickly expanded and went from a one man team to a group of gamers including representatives from 3 different countries, Graham (Jedi Junkie) from the UK, Troy (NMReign) from the United States and Kari (Platinum Stig) from Finland.

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Jamcast logoA few months went by and one of the biggest leaps forward for the site happened when the JoypadAndMe podcast was created. This was a new and unique project for us as none of the team had done anything like this before. Our first episode was a very interesting experience but one that we enjoyed and the feedback we got was positive so we ventured on, getting better with every show (we hope).

In 2012 we as a website took part in our first ExtraLife event. This is a charity that we had all supported and participated in before but this was our first as a website team. We organised and ran our first event, the Gran Turismo 5 Charity Challenge which saw teams from both www.JoypadAndMe.com, www.BigRedBarrel.com and www.PSNation.com competing against each other in a charity race where the winner took the spoils for their charity fund. Although there were a few logistical issues due to a particular member of another team (not mentioning any names………..FRAWLZ!) it was great fun and we even managed to win! Overall we had a great time during extralife and managed to raise money for an extremely worthwhile charity and we intend to carry on this JoypadAndMe tradition each and every year.

Extra Life 2012

In 2013 we expanded again and took on a wider range of people to our team. Some with experience from other sites and some completely fresh to all this. With a mix of old and new we carry on, building, expanding and evolving. The podcast evolved as well into two entities on the same feed. One part being the JamCast, a friendly chat amongst friends and gamers alike where anything goes. The model for this show was for it to feel like friends down the bar chatting away and talking about whatever they feel like while trying to keep it mostly gaming related. The second part became the JamChunk. This is our topic based show where we discuss one particular issue, news item or general topic and explore the thoughts and ideas from each of our hosts.

As we have being going along we have made friends and had help from all manner of people. We have made great friends with the team over at www.ThreeTallNerds.com and their Reset Gamer podcast. Both the Last Save Loaded podcast and the team at www.BigRedBarrel.com have also helped us in varying ways from friendly chats to technical advice when needed as well as soundboards for ideas. Twitter has been our primary link to viewers of the website and listeners to the podcast and all of our team has enjoyed chatting to everyone and listening to different views and opinions on many many subjects. This is how a community begins and grows.

We hope that JoypadAndMe will continue to grow and evolve and we as a team cannot wait to see where it will take us and what will happen. What we do know is that we will have great fun as we go and will continue to build up friendships and communities with fellow gamers from around the world. Here at www.JoypadAndMe.com everyone is welcome.

Come and say hi anytime.


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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