Retake The Planet. XCOM 2 Video Series: Episode 01


The team here at JoypadAndMe are always busy playing video games and trying to think of new ways to interact with the gaming community whilst playing games. One of our team, Graham has decided to bring the two together in the form of a video series on YouTube.

Graham or going by his other name, Jedi Junkie, has been a fan of XCOM Enemy Unknown on the PlayStation 3, Vita and of course PC for many years and has done a few playthroughs including the infamous ‘Ironman’ mode playthrough. With the latest installment, XCOM2 hitting the console shelves recently, it was perfect timing for him to get down to some alien destroying action again.

With the ability to add your own characters into the game as squad mates, it was the perfect opportunity to bring the gaming community into a gaming experience. Therefore Graham set about creating the characters for the team here at JoypadAndMe as well as friends of the website and podcast along with different people that donated to his Extra Life 2016 page. There is also the opportunity for anyone else to get their name and character added to the video series (details are in each episode).

Deciding to play through this game blind, as in this is his first full playthrough, knowing nothing about the end game or strategies to take and also adding the difficulty of playing through on the Ironman mode will surely make for an interesting and tense playthough as he attempts to get to the end and win while also keep as many of his team alive and fighting fit.

The XCOM 2 video series has been titled ‘Retake The Earth’ as the aliens and forces of Advent have taken over and its up to whats left of the XCOM initiative and a handful of rebels to take back what is theirs. Episode 01, titled ‘A Time To Strike Back’ is now live and ready for you to watch. We hope you enjoy and if you haven’t already then please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won’t miss any of the future episodes.

Until next time, Retake The Planet with XCOM 2.


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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