PlayStation 4 Pro Poll


PlayStation fans have been busy with the latest announcements regarding their latest console updates. The PS4 slim is the new standard format console with all the usual bells and whistles that the original PS4 had to offer. The Console that has been getting the gaming community all flustered is the PlayStation 4 Pro. A redesigned look, a beefier spec outputting more graphical fidelity. Smoother and cleaner with more bang for your buck. The question is, is this updated console wanted by the general public? Does it have enough power upgrade to warrant a new purchase? There are many arguments and people willing to argue on both sides of this and we here at JoypadAndMe decided why not let our followers have their say in our website poll. We already have the PlayStation Keynote speech which revealed the PlayStation 4 Pro and showed off just what it is meant to do on the site as well as on our YouTube channel so if you haven’t already, take a look and decide for yourself then answer the question below.

If you want to leave a comment below as well then please do and we will mention some of them in one of our upcoming podcasts.


The PlayStation 4 Pro. Where Do You Stand?


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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