Podcast Episode 89: Not Every Man’s Sky

podcast episode 89: not every mans sky

Welcome back to another podcast episode from the team at http://www.JoypadAndMe.com. Our team of Graham, Connor and Gareth otherwise known as Jedi Junkie, VDJomb and DaftChunk are back to bring you their own take on the gaming world from the past couple of weeks.

This time round our team chat about the games they have been playing including Need For Speed, The latest addition to Don’t Starve, called Shipwrecked, Severed, Gone Home, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy and Overwatch. Graham then goes into a rant that may include some swearing (ok maybe its more like a lot of swearing) directed at Sony and Driveclub. After the ranting has died down, Graham and Gareth discuss their opinions on the latest big release in the gaming world, No Man’s Sky. What they like, dislike and what they have been doing as well as their opinions on the price and their review scores. See which one of them you agree with.

After all tha we have a review of Abzu from Connor and then onto the news where the team discuss a few of the most recent gaming inspired stories as well as giving their own opinions on a couple of subjects.


Intro music as always is provided by Ben Landis.

Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking on this link HERE if you haven’t already done so or by using the feedburner link right HERE. You can also find our podcast on Stitcher Radio by searching for JoypadAndMe. You can now even find a special YouTube edition of the podcast over on our YouTube page by clicking on this link HERE.

We here at JoypadAndMe are very happy to be able to present to you,

JoypadAndMe Podcast Episode 89: Not Every Man’s Sky


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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