Hogs Of War Retro Review

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The retro market is growing steadily over the past few years with gamers reliving their youth or new gamers wanting to experience some classic games…..and some not so classic. We here at JoypadAndMe with the help of our resident retro reviewer, Steven Tench, like to give you a look back at some games from the halls of retro gaming goodness. Some are true classics, some are underrated games that need a second look and then there are some personal favourites thrown in as well.

This time round Steven shares his thoughts on a PlayStation 1 title that some gamers might have missed in such a large catalogue of titles. Hogs Of War by Infogrames is a bacon toting title for those of you that like some humour thrown in with you gaming. Pigs with Bazookas! Yes its as crazy as you are imagining but is it any good? does it hold up in this retro gaming world?

Check out what Steven thinks of Hogs Of War by clicking on the link below

Hogs of war

Hogs Of War Retro Review


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