Happy Birthday NES

Happy Birthday NES Banner

Today we se the birthday of one of the true great consoles. The Father to modern gaming in many ways. The original Nintendo (NES) console is 30 years old today.

The NES or otherwise known as the Famicom was the must have item for every kid and household in the early eighties. A home console that could bring arcade style games to the home was a must. Some of the most well known and well loved games came from this very console and Super Mario Bros is still one of the highest selling games of all time. Not bad for an 8bit system with possible the most iconic yet most unfriendly to the hand controller. The NES was so popular with fans that Nintendo didn’t top producing the console in Japan until 2003!  Nearly 20 years after release.

You can’t help but fall in love with the NES and its amazing and eclectic range of game. The NES is still a prize in many a gamers retro console collection.

Happy Birthday Nintendo’s NES

30 years old and still going strong

Why not check out some of the original Nintendo commercials from way back in the day by clicking on the link below to be take to our YouTube channel for some retro classic goodness.

Nintendo Classic Commercials On YouTube


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