20 years of PlayStation

PlayStation 20th Anniversary link

Yes that’s right, PlayStation is 20 years old today. Back on this date in 1995 the original ‪#‎PS1‬ was released for us all to enjoy and changed console gaming’s landscape. Bringing a host of new and amazing games for us to play and enjoy. 20 years on and the ‪#‎PlayStation‬ name is still going strong and doing exactly what they set out doing, bringing amazing games to us all.

Happy Birthday PlayStation

Why not share some of your PlayStation memories with us here. Do you still own your first PlayStation? What were your favourite games? Were you a Metal Gear Solid fan, a Tomb Raider fanatic or a Gran Turismo groupie?  Have you stayed with PlayStation over the past 20 years?

Let us know below and show your love for the boxy grey console and all its goodness.


3 responses to “20 years of PlayStation

  1. I miss my Playstation sorely. The PS2 is, in my opinion, the greatest console in gaming history, but that trail was well and truly blazed by its boxy grey predecessor. I remember playing C12: Final Resistance as a kid and being blown away by the murky green graphics and high-energy techno soundtrack, chasing down aliens with my energy sword and skirthing minefields with my terminator-style vision. Cracking game. Cracking console.

    • Jedi Junkie – I know exactly what you mean. I’m lucky enough to have just got my original launch console back to add to my collection. I have some fond memories of playing many classic titles on it and intend to do just that again.

  2. I originally got all of the playstation consoles just after they all first came out and kept my ps4 when i moved house. Then just recently i got them all back again. I own ps1 ,ps2 ,psp ,ps3 and a ps4. I have been a loyal and dedicated fan of playstation since i first got the original tomb raider playstation 1 game and will always be a playstation fan.I will never buy any other console apart from playstation .I am a huge fan of tomb raider,i own all the playstation ones including both the lara croft spin-off series, main series and the remakes.

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