Bike Mayhem

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I’ve always been a fan of mobile games due to the many years I’ve spent commuting to and from work as well as wasting time waiting for meetings and other life events including the odd bathroom break. A good mobile game doesn’t have to be a console game packed down and crammed onto your pocket device but it must have one thing more than anything else, that addiction factor!

Bike Mayhem is one of those titles that fills the Google Play Store’s sports game apps. At first glance the app icon doesn’t look overly impressive, however, this belies what this game actually holds. Now we all know as I said that there are many sports games, plenty of biking games and even more balance style games on the market but Bike Mayhem does seem to stand out from a large portion of the crowd.

Graham has been flipping, tailwhipping and tabletopping to find out just that!

Click on the link below to read the full review

Bike Mayhem Link

Bike Mayhem Review


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