Podcast Episode 75: Dinging That Damn Trophy

Podcast Episode 75: Dinging That Damn Trophy

Hello and welcome to Episode 75 of the JoypadAndMe podcast. Sorry it’s been a while between episodes, life and everything that it entails worked together to keep our intrepid podcasters from bringing you this episode…..until now! Yes that’s right, Graham, Connor and Gareth bring yet another episode full of gaming news, reviews and of course, the all important tangents.

In this episode we catch up on what we’ve all been playing as well as some of the news from the past couple of weeks including a sad loss over at Nintendo and an apparently less than sad loss over at Destiny.

We also want to share some great news about one of our long term friends of the site but to hear that you will have to listen to the whole episode won’t you!

Intro music as always is provided by Ben Landis.

Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking on this link HERE if you haven’t already done so or by using the feedburner link right HERE. You can also find our podcast on Stitcher Radio by searching for JoypadAndMe.

so without further ado………. and because its been a while………and we want you to get straight back into listening……..because after all that’s why you are here……….and we wouldn’t want to keep you from it……….

We here at JoypadAndMe are very happy to be able to present to you,

JoypadAndMe Podcast Episode 75: Dinging That Damn Trophy


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