Retro Review: Luigi’s Mansion

Luigis Mansion Banner

Released as a launch title for the GameCube after undergoing an extremely in-depth and long-winded development cycle, Luigi’s Mansion took on a much darker and grittier tone than anything seen in the Super Mario series prior, featuring Mario’s brother Luigi as the main character as he traverses through a creepy mansion, wielding nothing but a vacuum cleaner to clear the house of a ghost infestation in the style of Ghostbusters. Going on to become the best-selling game of November 2001, and garnishing a great deal of critical acclaim, the game has rightfully earned its place among the best of Nintendo’s repertoire.

We let our retro reviewer, Steven check out this creepy, crazy classic and see what he has to say. Can Luigi be let loose in his own game and have it become a must have title?

Click on the link to read the full retro review

luigis mansion

Retro Review: Luigi’s Mansion


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