Pablo Bairan Cosplay Interview

Pablo Bairan Cosplayer Banner

JoypadAndMe were lucky enough to get a chance to chat with Cosplayer extraordinaire Pablo Bairan from over in the Philippines. Pablo came to our attention a few weeks back while the launch for Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron was being released. The reason for this was his immense Hulkbuster creation. The Hulkbuster suit is no small undertaking to both create and to wear due to its massive size. Many a cosplayer might have thought about scaling the suit down or making a few changes but not Pablo! His Hulkbuster is an amazing reproduction of the suit in the film. It has the size and scale that would make even the Hulk think twice about tackling. Moving on from his Hulkbuster its plain to see that Pablo is not just a one suit wonder, oh no, his creations all have a level of detail and quality that are hard to match. We couldn’t wait to chat to Pablo and get his thoughts on cosplaying and his creations.

Did we mention that this guy has a freaking Hulkbuster Suit!

Click on the link to read the full interview

Pablo Bairan Cosplayer

Pablo Bairan Cosplayer Interview


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