Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition

Lifeless Planet Banner

We have to say that here at JoypadAndMe, we hear about a lot of games, a lot of games indeed. Ashley came to us with his review of Lifeless planet which would be nothing new from the speedy reviewer but his opening paragraph had us intrigued.

I’m going to begin my latest stream of consciousness with a declaration: the title of this game is a damn lie! Between you, the woman you’re following (hardly a spoiler, it’s in the description of the game) and the mysterious force that’s hell-bent on annihilating you at every moment, I’d say this planet has a bit of life on it. Then again, “Sort of Still Got Some Life on It I Guess Planet” isn’t a catchy title, and even though there are other lifeforms, this is still very much a lonely expedition.

A lifeless planet that kinda sorta has some life still on it eh? well we had to check this out to see what it was all about.

Click on the link below to read the full review

Lifeless Planet Link

Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition


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