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Let’s all be honest with ourselves: we love playing rollercoaster games, as we love seeing coaster cars filled with hapless victims being flung from rickety contraptions at high velocity, but no-one can really be bothered with maintaining the upkeep of a theme park. Sweeping generalisations about gaming habits aside, what about a game that just cuts out the middleman? A game that sees you either creating amazing rollercoasters with sixteen different loop-de-loops and a jump or five and then test riding them, or destroying said rollercoaster and the array of buildings located in the immediate area. Basically, this game is ScreamRide, or Health and Safety Violation Simulator to give it a better title.

Ashley decides its time to strap himself in and go for an adrenalin fuelled ride into the world of roller coaster action in ScreamRide. Was it a scream of a game or more of a crash and burn?

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Screamride Link

ScreamRide Review


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