Goat Simulator On XBOX ONE

Goat Simulator Banner

Goat Simulator… I mean, who in their right mind would think this is a good idea for a game? I’d love to know how it was pitched:

“Um… so in this game… you play as a goat.”

“A goat?”

“Yeah, and yo-…….”


But Coffee Stain Studios, undeterred by a lack of faith in goats as a gaming protagonist, decided to follow their dreams and create Goat Simulator, and to be fair, made a huge amount of success from it already, before it was ported to the Xbox One.

Our Xbox aficionado otherwise known as Ashley takes a look at what can only be described as an extremely quirky title. What does he think? well click on the link below to find out

Goat Simulator Image 1

Goat Simulator On Xbox One


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