Battle Of The Consoles: Nintendo

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Here at JoypadAndMe we want to set up and decide one of the biggest battles in the video gaming world. We want to know who and what will be crowned as the King Of Consoles. We will be letting our viewers and listeners decide just which manufacturer and which console will be crowned. We aren’t looking for the console that sold the most or which one was technically more superior, no, we want to know which console is the one that everyone holds dear to their hearts. Which one was the most fun to own and play. We will be pitting the consoles from each manufacturer against themselves and then against the winners of the other main manufacturers to see which one stands on top.

This time round its the turn of the legendary games company, Nintendo. A name synonymous with video gaming. Parents, children, even grandparents have known the Nintendo brand and played at least one or two games from their vast catalogue of titles.

Battle Of The Consoles: Nintendo Click here for The Console's Story

Battle Of The Consoles: Nintendo
Click here for The Console’s Story

If you want to know a bit more about each console then you can take a look at the Nintendo Battle Of The Consoles editorial page by clicking on the link on the right before making your vote or you can simply cast your vote below.

Cast your vote and tell us which is your Nintendo Console Winner

The winner will go on to take on the winners from the other Battle Of The Console polls to go head to head for the final vote. Who will stand at the top of the console pile, you decide!


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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