Podcast Episode 69: JoypadAndMe’s Exquisite Escapade

Podcast Episode 69: JoypadAndMe's Exquisite Escapade

Holy Smokes it’s another episode of the JoypadAndMe podcast. A little later than planned we know but we had to let Connor work on a little technical glitch that he found and explains at the end of the show. Trust me, it’s a doozy worthy of our 69th episode. Well what’s in store for you in this outing of our podcast? we have a discussion about what we have been playing including a different perspective on Alien Isolation from Gareth, A rant from Connor and a nerdgasm from Graham. We also discuss the latest news from the gaming world and have reviews for OlliOlli 2 and The Order: 1886. What we have here is a perfect example of a crazy, tangent infused, weird and warped episode from the JoypadAndMe team.

Our break music comes from one of our long-term musical friends, Furian as they play us their own personal take on one of Bruno Mars hits. Check out Furian on our bands page as well as their own Facebook page for more goodness from them.

Intro music as always is provided by Ben Landis.

Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking on this link HERE if you haven’t already done so or by using the feedburner link right HERE. You can also find our podcast on Stitcher Radio by searching for JoypadAndMe.

We here at JoypadAndMe are very happy to be able to present to you,

JoypadAndMe Podcast Episode 69: JoypadAndMe’s Exquisite Escapade


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