Happy Birthday PS2

PlayStation 2 Banner

Happy birthday to the PlayStation 2. Sony’s second console is 15 years old today. Yes that’s right, 15 years ago Sony launched the PS2 in Japan (north America and European releases followed later in the year). The PlayStation 2 had a lot to live up to after the success of its predecessor and boy did it deliver. With a spec sheet that included a whopping 32mg ram and a cd/dvd drive that many houses at the time were yet to purchase as well as peripherals that included hard drives and one of the first consoles to include online gameplay, all made for the PlayStation 2 to be set to dominate the home gaming market. How did it do? well, selling over 155,000,000 consoles solidified its place in the console king stakes.

The PlayStation 2 would never have been as big a success as it was if it wasn’t for the massive library of games that supported it including some of the truly all time greats including such massive titles as the Grand Theft Auto titles Vice City and San Andreas, Final Fantasy franchise, Gran Turismo, Burnout and many, many more. The PlayStation 2 had a selection of games to suit anyone and everyone’s taste. from puzzle and platformers to shoot em ups and RPG’s, it had it all and much more besides.

We here at JoypadAndMe want to know what you thought of the PlayStation 2. Did you have one, do you still have one? what were your favourite games?

Happy Birthday PlayStation 2,

we still love you


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