Gioteck HCC Mono Headset

Gioteck HCC wired mono headset Banner

Communication in video gaming has become more and more important over the years. Team work and strategy is an essential part when it comes to the need to win. How else are you going to tell your team mates that they need to hold point B or go for the flag? In the multiplayer mayhem that is the Virtual battlefield, a team that communicates, wins. In order to do this, headsets are an increasingly essential mainstay of the modern gamer. With this in mind companies have flooded the market with all manner of headsets with all manner of price tags to go with them. Ranging from £10 to £300 and above shows just how varied the market is.

Gioteck have been making headsets and communication devices for gamers for some time now and have a great range for gamers to choose from to suit everyone’s wallet. The headset we will be looking at for this review is their HCC mono chat offering.

Gioteck HCC Mono Headset

Review: Gioteck HCC Mono Headset


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