GameWare Analogue Stick Covers

Gameware Analogue Stick Covers Banner

It seems that an issue that we as part of the latest generation of console gamers have to put up with is early wear and tear on our beloved controllers. There have been reported issues with this dating back to the launch of the consoles and in particular the PlayStation 4. Many people could be found on social media sites complaining about the rubber tops of the analogue sticks coming apart and tearing. Sony does have a replacement program in place if you wanted to go through the rigmarole of finding out what to do and then sending your controller away to be repaired or replaced and sent back to your hands. One option is to buy a set of analogue stick covers. These are caps that go over the top of the analogue sticks to either replace the damaged tops or to protect yours if they are lucky enough to still be intact.

Jedi Junkie takes a look at a set of stick covers from UK Based retailer Game. Their GameWare range is widely available but are their analogue stick caps any good?

GameWare Analogue Stick Covers

GameWare Analogue Stick Covers Review


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