Connor’s Gaming Year Of Shame: 1st 1/4 Round-Up

Connors Year Of Shame First Quarter Round Up

As video gamers we all have one thing that we try to either hide or ignore. It’s the same thing that we keep telling ourselves we will resolve and deal with when the time is right. That time never seems to come round though. What are we talking about? That dreaded Pile Of Shame!

One of our writers is doing something to rectify this common issue. Connor has put a padlock on his wallet and closed his mind to new releases and has decided that he will enter the Year Of Shame challenge. For those that don’t know, this is where you for go the ability to buy new games and can only play what is in your backlog of titles. There are of course exceptions, after all as gamers we love a short cut or a cheat code don’t we! Pre orders are accepted as long as they were before the end of December, gifted games and games from a current PS+ subscription are also accepted. This makes the challenge tougher though as it puts more pressure on to clear more games so that you don’t end the Year Of Shame challenge with more games than you started with!

Connor has now actually been doing this for 3 months and has written a monthly article on what he has played, what games he has cleared and what he though. Now that he is a quarter of the way through this challenge we thought we would pull together his articles so that if you haven’t already caught up on his escapades then you can catch up right here.

Just click on the relevant links below to read the full articles

Year Of Shame Round-Up Month 01

Year Of Shame Round-Up Month 02

Year Of Shame Round-Up Month 03


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