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In our never-ending quest to bring you a wide range of cosplayers from all around the world we love to give people the opportunity to talk about their creations and their love of what they do. Here we have DustBunny. DustBunny is an award-winning cosplayer from LA. When we say award-winning we mean it, on her Facebook page is a list of her awards including,

2014: First Place EZCosplay Costume Contest (Totoro)
2014: Second Place Arda Wigs Spring Contest (Totoro)
2013: Second Place Geekie Awards Cosplay devision (Mad Moxxi)
2010: Best of Friday AnimeUSA (Kirin)
2008: Judges Award AnimeUSA (Kokoro)

JoypadAndMe chatted with DustBunny regarding her experiences with the cosplay world and her thoughts and advise for other cosplayers. Check out what she had to say below and when your finished why not check out some of the photography links to see more from Dustbunny as well as other great cosplayers.

DustBunny Cosplay

Cosplay Interview: DustBunny


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