Playstation Easter Sale Highlights

Easter sale banner

As some of you are probably aware, PlayStation store are having a huge easter sale for digital download titles. There are some real bargains in the list and even more so with the added discount that being a PlayStation Plus member gives you.  We here at JoypadAndMe wanted to point out some of what we think are the standout great bargains to pick up. Instead of buying the same old easter eggs for friends and relatives, why not buy them a game or two. Treat yourself too, it would be wrong not to. Click on the title to be taken to the PSN store to check out more info on each title.

Stand out titles for under £5

PS3 Guacamelee = £3.99 (PS+ £3.19)

PS3/Vita Retro City Rampage = £3.19 (PS+ £2.55)

PS3 Echochrome ii = £3.99 (PS+ £3.59)

Vita TxK = £3.19 (PS+ £2.55)

Vita OlliOlli = £3.19 (PS+ £2.55)

Vita Stealth inc: A Clone In The Dark = £2.39 (PS+ £1.91)

Vita Thomas Was Alone = £2.39 (PS+ £1.91)

Vita PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD = £3.99 (PS+ £3.19)

Vita KickBeat = £2.39 (PS+ £1.91)

Stand out titles for £5 – £10

PS3 Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch = £5.49 (PS+ £4.94)

PS3 Terraria = £6.49 (PS+ £5.84)

PS3 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection = £9.99 (PS+ £8.99)

PS3/Vita Curve Studios Mega Bundle = £9.99 (PS+ £8.99)

PS3 Oddworld: The Oddboxx £6.49 (PS+ £5.84)

Vita The Walking Dead: Season One = £5.49 (PS+ £4.94)

Stand out titles for £10 – £15

PS3 Batman: Arkham City = £10.99 (PS+ £9.89)

Vita Killzone Mercenary £14.99 (PS+ £13.49)

Vita Injustice: Gods Among Us = £14.99 (PS+ £13.49)

Stand out titles for £15 – £20

PS3 Mass Effect Trilogy = £15.99 (PS+ £14.39)

PS3 Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron £15.99 (PS+ £14.39)

PS3 Battlefield 4 = £19.99 (PS+ £17.99)


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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