Podcast Episode 50: Metal Gear Podcast Featuring David Hayter

Podcast Episode 50:  Metal Gear Podcast Featuring David Hayter

Welcome to episode 50 of the JoypadAndMe podcast. Well, this episode seems to have sparked some interest as soon as it was announced! We wanted to do something a bit special for our 50th episode and with some of our team being huge fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise then what better way to celebrate than having none other than the Metal Gear legend himself on for an interview. David Hayter talks about his time with the franchise as well as what he is doing now and a glimpse at what he has planned for the future.

We also chat about Replay Events and their upcoming event in Blackpool as well as a chance for you to win tickets to the event.

Intro music as always is provided by Ben Landis.

Break music is provided by The Roscoes. More information about them can be found at the end of the podcast

Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking on this link HERE if you haven’t already done so or by using the feedburner link right HERE. You can also find our podcast on Stitcher Radio by searching for JoypadAndMe.

We here at JoypadAndMe are very happy to be able to present to you,

Podcast Episode 50: Metal Gear Podcast Featuring David Hayter


13 responses to “Podcast Episode 50: Metal Gear Podcast Featuring David Hayter

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    • Hi JM
      It’s not impossible to download, but it not in the direct download list yet. It can be found on iTunes and Stitcher Radio, or Streamed direct from the site.

  2. No follow up questions, not listening carefully to the person you’re interviewing to tell how he really feels, the same questions asked in every other David Hayter interview on the internet repeated again, not getting to the point and highlighting the issues or asking the questions that needed to be asked, barely skimming over the keifer sutherland issue even though David was audibly annoyed and offended at the suggestion that he would be replaced like the James Bond actors(going back to being unaware of how the person being interviewed feels), and of course, asking completely irrelevant questions. What a great interview..


    Okay, now I’m done.

    • Hi JM,
      I did the interview. I can tell you there are follow up questions that were posed but obviously blend in as you can’t tell. There was a strict time limit for the interview and David kindly allowed it to over run by 30 minutes.
      I was fully aware of how David was feeling which is why I didn’t push him on certain subjects. The Bond quote is his own. We asked people to submit questions and I did my best in include all the requested questions.
      I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the interview but thanks for commenting.

      • I think you really should have pushed him; if he’s uncomfortable about certain things then that honesty has to come out. Daring to do so helps you have a better understanding in the end.. I would’ve been more receptive to the jokes and fan questions if you had highlighted the elephant in the room first and gotten it well out of the way in the beginning.

        Anyway, congrats on getting David on your show.

        • btw I know that the Bond quote is his own- I follow his twitter. I was referring to the question you asked after the quote.

          David on twitter was implying that he was the ‘original’ Snake and cannot be replaced, but instead you asked him if Snake was going to be played by a bunch of other actors- like James Bond- and that’s where he appears to get irritated. Which I don’t mind at all, I just wish you took the opportunity to ask him how he feels or why he’s irritated. Because you didn’t ask him anything, I assumed you didn’t even notice.

          • Hi
            With the greatest of respect I understand what you’re saying but you need to understand that I’d never spoken to David Hayter prior to this interview and his time was very limited. I am a major fan of his work not only as Snake but as someone who I believe is responsible for setting a very high bar with the X-Men / X2 and Watchmen scripts. The fact he exclusively revealed that he’s in discussions to write a videogame is a massive scoop, as well as his opinions on the importance of attracting great writers to work within videogames.

            There was no way I was going straight to asking about MGS5, without getting a sense of how comfortable he was discussing it. Going straight into a delicate subject is not how one should approach a discussion with someone you don’t know personally. A lot of people had been in touch requesting questions to be asked and I felt obligated not to jeopardise the interview for an uncomfortable soundbyte.

            For me I was majorly impressed with his Snake voiced intro to the podcast and quoting lines, or the fact he was willing to give opinions on subjects our listeners had requested, altruistically, for such an extended period.
            The fact David discussed fan dubs so openly was incredibly heart warming, as well as his feelings on playing MGS5 and his feeling on returning to possible future MGS games.

            Regarding the Bond comment we’ll have to agree to disagree on interpretation of David’s Tweet. I interpreted the Tweet as he was being pragmatic, by saying that Connery [like himself] wasn’t the first to have such an iconic role but will be always be remember for playing the part. I felt he was uncomfortable but I was wanting him to elaborate on what he meant by that statement, which he did to some extent. In hindsight I could have worded my question differently, asking him what exactly he meant by that tweet. I openly accept my nerves completely got the better of me and my ability to spot sarcasm via Skype. I could have cut that part from the interview but I felt it would have been dishonest of me to remove it.
            I would not have changed the pacing of the questions though, as I feel the flow was important. Nor would I have had the ability to not be a massive fan and incrediblely nervous.
            Thanks for sharing your opinion

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