Competition Time With Replay Events

EXL Replay events

EXL play blackpool

Thanks to the amazing guys at Replay Events we have two tickets to give away for the Play Blackpool event on Saturday 3rd May. These tickets will give you and a friend the chance to play hundreds of the arcade machines and consoles from your youth and relive some favourite memories as well as the chance to play some that you maybe never got the chance to before. There will also be a host of retro consoles and games to try out. From personal experience JoypadAndMe can say that Replay Events puts on one of the best gaming events and certainly the best arcade machine event that you will ever go to. You will make friends and gaming memories there that is certain so don’t let a chance to go slip through your fingers.

Now that we have got you hyped for Play Blackpool, how do you win the tickets??

What we want you to do is to either post a review for the podcast on iTunes for the JoypadAndMe podcast (You can do this by clicking on this link right HERE) or by commenting below with your favourite retro game or arcade machine. If you comment below your name will be put into the draw once. If you post a review for the podcast on iTunes your name will also be put into the draw once. If however you do both of these then your name will be put into the draw twice doubling you chances of winning these amazing tickets.

The competition will close

April 15th at 23:59

Entries after this date will not be entered into the draw.

The draw will take place on April 16th and winners will be notified the same day. If you haven’t acknowledged the win and provided an address to send the prize tickets within 48 hours then another name will be drawn. No money will be taken in exchange to tickets. Judges decision is final. Tickets supplied by Replay Events for use in competition giveaway.

Good luck!


7 responses to “Competition Time With Replay Events

  1. That’s an awesome opportunity! I don’t know how to pick 1 game with all the classics out there. But a few games I just to run through from beginning to end just for fun were The Guardian Legend on NES, Mega Man 2 on NES and Super Metroid on SNES. Never could get enough of those games! Still play them when nothing else gets me my fix!

  2. I guess my favourite depends on what mood I’m in. Top 2 would be Goldeneye on the N64 and Micro machines on the sega mega drive 🙂

  3. My fave retro game has to be marble madness. Swear it never gets old and the music is awsome. Infact I’m off to play it right now 🙂

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