Warhawk Fan Community Day


PlayStation 3 fans will remember Warhawk fondly. In its day Warhawk was a fantastically popular combat action game that brought thousands of gamers into the online world of competitive and group gameplay. Even to this day it is held in high regard and a firm fan favourite.

Well it is now 2014 and there is a new generation of console. Fans of Warhawk have long wanted their favourite title brought up to date and onto the latest gen console. Even Warhawk creator Dylan Jobe has expressed an interest in developing a sequel to Warhawk to the PlayStation 4 but as of yet lacks the financial ability to do this. Many people have even expressed a wish that the original Warhawk be brought onto the PS4 with clean lick of paint and a few touch-ups but will this ever happen?

Well fans want to do something about this and fan persuasion can lead to many things. On the 22nd of February 2014 fans are asking for everyone that wants to see a new Warhawk come to PlayStation to jump online and play their copies of Warhawk to show Sony that there is a clear and strong market for such a title. Fans will be hosting Warhawk servers all day for everyone to get online and play this PlayStation 3 classic title.

Do you want to see a Warhawk 2? If so then get online and play on the 22nd Feburary 2014.

Follow the twitter account for this event at @Warhawk_Day

You can pick up a copy of Warhawk if you don’t already have one on the PSN store or preowned from countless stores near you for next to nothing so go on, you know it makes sense.

Warhawk Day 22nd February 2014


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