JoypadAndMe ExtraLife Update

EX5The Extralife charity weekend has now finished and everyone is now collecting in and posting their totals of how much they raised for the Children’s Miracle Network. Our team have worked their collective butt’s off and as a team we have raised a total so far of……

$2000.18 / £1253.38

We have so many people to thank for this and will do so in a future article which will be written as soon as our team can fully function again after 25 hours of gaming fun but we would like to quickly mention a couple of people,

James Hatch

Adam Lewis

A&J’s gaming cafe

Chris Vaughan

Replay Events

Holly Cooper


Bobby Loertscher

Zen Studios

Hugo Bustillos

Sony Entertainment UK

Richard Boeser

Chimps At Play

Matt Crosby

All you have helped out immensely and we could not have done it with out you. Thank you for your time and effort Especially Adam and Jaymes who worked tirelessly throughout and made the event far more than we could have expected. A special thanks also goes out to Craig Vaughan and Replay Events who also put In a huge effort with both time and prize donations and helping to make our event just that bit more special.

Expect to see our photo gallery of the event up soon and a write up of the events happenings shortly. Untill then……..

♦Gamers Unite To Help Kids Fight Cancer♦

You Are All Heroes!


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